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Animationnx-e class concept

songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
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a few months ago a random man messaged me on fb after getting my info asking can i do a design for him.
i thought it odd as no one has ever messaged me before out of this site, so after a long chat he had one idea in mind.
he wanted a nx class refit done but with a twist he wanted the enterprise e mixed in.
after allot of personal issues hindering my focus and will and a few long lonely nights sat in my modelling program it started to come to shape, and before i knew it i had 3 models build with ver 3 being the final design.
here are the pics of my progress after a few months trying different designs and colours. including a spin off design that will become a custom version of the nx-refit.
as you can see in the pictures the overall design stayed the same but small differences took hold like the addition of extra impulse engines, the change of colour, the size of the secondary hull, i hope you all enjoy :) dan. as a bonus here is the link to my fb album for other ships and pics the first nx-e pic was uploaded in december 14. wow that was a while back lol
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804520 Posts: 11,159Member
    I got a "content currently unavailable" page on the FB link. (yes, I have an account and I'm signed in) So, just based on the images you posted here, I like it. It's not hugely different from the NX-class refit, but I can see the Ent-E influences. I'd love to see the forward of the secondary hull, especially the deflector area.
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    oh not sure why fb link done that. il have to add you as a friend first i spose lol. i tried to keep it not to far from the nx its self though i did change my mind alot on impulse engines and colour and how large the secondary hull would be. i played around for a few months here and there started in december and before i knew it, it was march. i got a set if profile images ill try and add them here. been ages since i been on meshes lol.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804520 Posts: 11,159Member
    Cool, thanks for posting more pics. I see it has a bit of JJ Trek mixed in as well.

    Yeah, who knows on the FB thing? I don't think that site knows what it's doing half of the time. :lol:
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
    its got a few influences from jj like the bridge and lower torpedo launcher i have to upload pics of them as well as well as the main hull with the added lighting. im glad you like her.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804520 Posts: 11,159Member
    The saucer rim is also similar to the Kelvin.
  • LonewriterLonewriter236 Posts: 1,078Member
    It like it, keep it up.
  • SATRSATR256 Posts: 413Member
    Almost as good as mine
  • songokusatsusongokusatsu61 Posts: 11Member
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