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3DB5 the Lost Tales: Voices from the Future

the Animaniacthe Animaniac179 Posts: 138Member
edited March 2014 in Finished Work #1
Scene fom the Lost Tales wit the Models from the Resources, like always Cinema 4D and Photoshop, hope you like it.
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  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    cool render with some nice ships, always liked the starfury and the design still grows on me further over time. the beam and background explosion are cool but the small blast above the centauri ship's wing looks wrong due to all the tiny specks at it's edges. i know where several of these models came from and wish they were in obj not darned c4d and lwo. overall very good image and would like to see more babylon 5 stuff on here. never saw the lost tales but intend to one day, guessing it is when the interstellar alliance realises what happened on centauri prime and goes to drive off the drakh.

    p.s. what is the bulky ship in the background, not the warlock destroyer but the big towering thing with a large box on one side and an explosion hitting it's bow.
  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,171Member
    I agree with SF about the explosion.

    @SF: Nah, the Lost Tales are a bit later than that, somehow, and also deal with a different issue altogether. But still related to the Centauri. ;)
  • TralfazTralfaz412 Posts: 846Member
    Nice work Animaniac! Always great to see more C4D users.

    Spacefighter, if you can provide me with links to the models, I can convert and export them out to OBJ format using a plug-in that I have.


    That is if the C4D models are version 11 or older. If they are lightwave, C4D can import them fairly well.
  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    Tralfaz wrote: »

    Spacefighter, if you can provide me with links to the models, I can convert and export them out to OBJ format using a plug-in that I have.

    what with textures intact? lwo and c4d? thanks for the offer, if you can do it there are a few other models i would like to ask about(in lwo and c4d to convert to obj).
  • TralfazTralfaz412 Posts: 846Member
    Send me a link to the one you would like the most and I will give it a try and see what comes out of it.
  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    ok have a go on this please (it's lwo)
    also these two would be apprecaiated(first is c4d so even if texturing is lost it's still better converted as blender won't import c4d at all) and second is another lwo

    the models are on foundation 3d so if you aren't already a member i could put some in a google drive link if you need that.
    thanks for this kind offer
  • the Animaniacthe Animaniac179 Posts: 138Member
    Thanks, the Exploding Ship is Fabios Tempest-Class, a later Version of the Hyperion.
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