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Star Trek Into Darkness Question

gatelovergatelover0 Posts: 0Member
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I went to the movies and watched Star Trek Into Darkness. After the admiral beamed his daughter off of the Enterprise and onto the Vengeance, I thought I heard him tell the crew of the Vengeance to target the aft torpedo bays on the bridge of the Enterprise.
Did I hear this wrong? I did not know that there were any aft torpedo bays on the bridge of the JJ Abrams Enterprise.
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  • biotechbiotech171 Posts: 0Member
    Did you not consider they the order was use the vengence's aft torpedo launcher, on the enterprises bridge?
  • Chris2005Chris2005512 Posts: 3,059Member
    Marcus is referring to the Vengeance's aft torpedo bays at the Enterprise's bridge...
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  • gatelovergatelover0 Posts: 0Member
    Thank you Chris2005, I thought that I misunderstood that wrong.
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