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C4d Explosion/Fireworks Tutorial

RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
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Have not seen any explosion tuts here, and being of a second account, this will actually be my 3rd tut posted here :).

There are many ways of doing and making an explosion. I know of very few lol.....

Here is one that will give you most of what you will basically need to create an array of explosions.
(Not counting Thinking Particles and Expresso) <<< Not real knowledgeable with TP's.

Requires use of Basic Emitters,Tracer Object,Cloner,Lights,Lens Flares and Hair material.
Pyroclusters can be added for smoke or flame and more effect.
Am Using C4d R13 Studio.


1. Emitter and Tracer

Under Simulate tab,add an emitter.Under Mograph tab,add tracer.Name emitter Explode

Image: Emitter Settings/Attributes/Parameters.
The emitter size must be small or you get a weird emission.IF it requires a larger emitter size then TP's I would use.


Now select the tracer Object, In the trace link box, drag n drop Explode emitter.
The tracer will trace vertices from the emitter.

Note: Make sure limit is from end.Amount is 4, and this you will need to key frame down in size over the life of the particle. It will shorten or lengthen the trace.Also check Reverse Sequence.

Image: Tracer Object Settings/Attributes/Parameters.


Next add Hair Material to the Tracer Object.Under Simulate,Hair Objects,Add Hair.
Place the Hair material onto the tracer object and delete the hair object.
Now you can adjust color and thickness in the material to suit. You will need to add the Hair Renderer in the
project settings, you can also add and exclude lights for the hair material here.Outside lights can really brighten the hair and may need excluded.

Image: Hair Color


Image: Project Settings Overall view.


2. Mograph Cloner

Create another emitter same as Explode. Name it Exploding.
Pretty much the same attributes as Explode,but you want to change the number of particles to at least 1000. You dont want the particles to be identical in emission. Or is some cases you might,depends.

Image: Exploding


Create a light. See Images for attributesYou will want to keyframe the light
intensity to coincide with the life of the explosion.This is one way you can make the
cloner lights brighten or dim over time.The light will also be only 2-3 units in size!

Lens flares are optional, but they can greatly improve the look.

Images: Light Attributes.


Now we add this light into a cloner.Under Mograph, select a cloner, then parent the light under the cloner object.Cloner set to Object,and in the object selection drag in Exploding emitter.


Image: Cloner Overview


I have added a lens flare light to center the explosion and give it a flash.


You can also add gravity from Simulate/Particles/Gravity. Set to box size or to suit.
Adding some well done Pyros could improve or alter.Also some friction in some cases.

Hope you Liked the tut, maybe gained something from it. I base this on stuff I have learned and figured out for myself.I am just a hobbyist at this....

See other tuts Jump Flash Effect >

Best of Luck- Regards,

Randal R.
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  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    i wish there was a really clear, text an image tutorial for this sort of thing in blender. good tutorial.
  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    I know, I had a helluva time trying to figure this **** out. Especially as a beginner I was pulling hair to figure this out.

    Maybe some one will add one. I tried blender very briefly.

    I actually just came up with this recently in experimenting to make a better Larger explosion to do a big Ship explosion.... if I ever can.,... :)

    Problem with many I come across is they use third party plug ins and that does not help.
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