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3DThe Return

teknomancer2008teknomancer200866 Posts: 145Member
edited February 2013 in Work in Progress #1
:DThe Thunderchild is BACK!!!

Yes, Bigger and Badder than ever before, a marathon work of modelling brought me to this point. clay renders showing the amount of detailing and general shape of the model, while i round out the mesh errors. this is far beyond what i have done previously, with newer techniques than i have used in the past, experiments that i was not sure how to do, and ideas beyond what even i have ever done before! This is far more what i am happy with than ever before! if you have seen my earlier posts, more than a year ago, you will notice many of the details are still there, the tower atop the saucer for one (Albeit heavily disguised as what looks like a bridge, it is nonetheless nothing of the sort. in fact, it is an armoured casing to protect the bridge!)

Astute watchers will note that the details (or greebles as some call them, are - in fact - from this very site!) thanks to all those who provided those greebles, they are fantastic! i completely forgot which ones i used, but if you remember, please say who it is, as i really don't know!:D
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  • Hunter GHunter G1923 Posts: 544Member
    Nice sleek design you got going there. I'd recommend a bigger saucer, but that's just my opinion. Keep it up!
  • Judge Death.Judge Death.1 Posts: 0Member
    One thing I'd like to see is the idea of a saucer section that is more like the Defiant, a fully warp capable functional ship that docks to a larger warp section, allowing the two sections to seperate and function independently when needed.
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