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Help finding some CG models

sumisu55sumisu55331 Posts: 0Member
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To all,

I have been complying some Sci-fi comparison charts, for personal use, for different ships from different series, for the past 12+ years. I have scoured the internet for left elevation images, or close to, of any ships from a new series or from video games. I have received help from many great artists, from this site and others and would like to say thank you for your help.

And now I am looking for some more help. There are some ships that I have not been able to find and was wondering if the community could help. I am looking for CG models; they don't have to be perfect and don't have to be 100% accurate. I am just looking for representation (just in CG form). I still have some images that are either hand drawn, too small in size or cartoonish that I would like to replace with a CG model. Out of the 250+ images I have, I am only looking for about 30. So any help that anyone could provide would be very helpful to me. I have downloaded some of the models from the resource page and a lot of them worked. But I have run into a few that did not work for me. I have a reader that can display a good variety of the models but not all of them. So you might see some in the list that are already in the resource pages. In that case if someone could PM me a left elevation image of it, that would work.

If anyone can help out with any of these models, please PM me. Again I am just looking for an image (jpeg, bitmap, png) of the model from the left elevation. It is going to be used in some charts, that I have compiled and for personal use only. Thank you.

Dropship (Cheyenne)

Star Wars:
Coralskipper (Yorik-et: Vong Fighter)
Cloud City
Corellian Gunship
Defender (or Nebula) Star Destroyer
Lancer Frigate
Leviathan (Sith Cruiser)
Nebulon B-2 Frigate (dual sensor suite in the front)
Quasar Fire Bulk Cruiser
Sh'ner and Shree Cruisers (Ssi-ruuvi Ships)

Alteran La Grange Defense Satellite
Wraith Cruiser
Wraith Hive Ship

Star Trek:
Breen Cruiser
Dauntless-class Starship
Kameron Vessel
Kazon Predator
Kazon Raider
Prometheus-class Starship
V'ger (had problems getting it to load)

Babylon 5:
Babylon 4
Babylon 5
Centauri Dargan cruiser
Drahk Mothership (not the cruiser but the BIG ship - saw it in Crusade once)
EA Olympus cruiser
Centauri Vorchan (from B5 Lost Tales)

UNSC Forward Unto Dawn
UNSC Infinity
UNSC Cairo Station
Covenant High Charity

Dune Highliner
Independence Day Mothership
Macross SDF-1
Macross SDF-3

Again any help that anyone can provide would be a great help. Please PM me.
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  • sumisu55sumisu55331 Posts: 0Member
    Update: Just found a CG SDF-1 so that can come off the list.
  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    i do not know where to find any of these as the view you want but i can give you a suggestion.
    1.if the 3d viewer program you use will not import them download another one like sketchup or blender(both free)
    2.if you already have right side views use photoediting software to mirror them( for most ships the diference will not matter)
    3.if you download sketchup there are models of some of these on the 3d warehouse certainly the UNSC forward to the dawn, the aliens dropship and the babylon 4 and 5 stations.
    hope this helps, sorry if it's not what you are after.
  • sumisu55sumisu55331 Posts: 0Member
    I have both Blender (still trying to learn it) and sketchup. The last time I checked the 3D Warehouse, they did not have the models above but I will look again and see if someone uploaded one. Thanks.
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