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Red Dwarf X Newseries on DAVE

MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9639 Posts: 5,290Member
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Dunno how I missed this until now but I just ran across it elsewhere and decided to share it. If others have a more direct source for videos or news post away!
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Sorta grew up watching this a few months oftentimes up to a year later on PBS (we had a fairly forward thinking station, KTEH) Hopefully someone here in the US will run this. Not sure if BBC america will pick it up due to it being on DAVE. Trailer appears they returned to the physical models.

Happy it is back? Dreading it after that special a few years ago?
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  • NanoGatorNanoGator1 Posts: 0Member
    Any news on when it premieres?
  • CoolhandCoolhand272 Mountain LairPosts: 1,287Member
    It won't be shown for a couple of months yet.

    Funny, I had only learned about this recently myself after finding a doc about the (terrible but worth finding) US remake on youtube. Red Dwarf UK stopped being funny quite some time ago, real absence of humour once Rob Grant left after season 6... And its been a long time since a proper series.

    I didn't bother with back to earth but for this new one, i'm open minded - the production looks good, i'm sure the actors can still do the job but if the script isn't funny then I just think whats the point?

    (Shame they didn't do a bit more with those TV's / monitors which all just look like storebought with some wires draped over them.)
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9639 Posts: 5,290Member
    Yeah site what of it that is allowed in the USA says autumn whenever that is, hah. Read elsewhere Early October. From exp with Doctor Who UK does not have seasons on specific days. Though the USA is not much better anymore. We get stuff whenever and never with a fixed season count in eps.

    I though season 7~9 were ok. They did make some heavy changes to it in format and filming style IE live audience and the effects of that on the actors to story plots etc. I sorta liked the ongoing developing story over the whatever of the week, but yeah they did lack in those wtf lol moments the mid series had.

    I do hope not to see more of what we did in the special (miniseries) Back to Earth. I was not to impressed with it. Most of the novelty was due to a lack of Dwarf since 2000. Hopefully they get that feel back to the series. Sadly I think that "feeling" the shows from those days are gone and maybe it might be good if they do not attempt it. Either way only thing to do is watch and go from there! lol

    I will have to go looking for that US flop, I remember hearing about it way back in 94 and never did attempt to locate it later on when the ability to even consider seeing this stuff was possible. (lol 1994 28.8 baud modems. . . .usenet and lack of decent/any codecs )
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • CoolhandCoolhand272 Mountain LairPosts: 1,287Member
    The US makes some hysterical comedy, sometimes even on purpose;) But as I understand it there's generally a much larger writing team and more people coming and going from the production (which was perhaps the issue with translating the show over). With Red Dwarf and a lot of UK shows its generally 2 people from the start, creating the series and all the writing. Once half that team left, the magic kinda went with it.

    After the split, season 7 was actually OK, the first few episodes better than the rest but it almost felt to me like half the conversation was missing after that, which is really evident at the start of season 8.

    Anyway i'm hopeful about the new one i suppose, there's no reason why it couldn't be good - hopefully remember to put the jokes in, Doug Naylor is a funny writer, collaborates with others and has plenty of good story ideas i'm sure. The new one also does have some scenes shot infront of a live audience again.

    Here's some info about the US version.
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