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SeaQuest DSV for ingame use

moodymoody0 Posts: 0Member
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Hi all,

I have an unusual request, i hope someone is out there that can help me out.

I would like to have the seaquest in silent hunter 4.
This requires a model in .obj format.

There is a seaquest model on this site but it's in blender format. I tried exporting it but it then appears incomplete and while i try to import it it gives errors.

So if anyone is up for the challenge i have some knowledge of the game but when it comes to modelling i'm a complete disaster.

If someone is up for it let me know and how much you need $A€
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  • JesshannJesshann0 Posts: 0Member
    I use blender as my main 3d modeling software and I'm a little confused, what are you trying to export the model to? I can give you a hand if you need it :)
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