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Local TutorialSeamless textures tutorial part 2 - Metal Paneling



  • scifiericscifieric1123 Posts: 1,498Member
    Nice tutorial Ramiel! It was mentioned in a thread and I just had to hunt it down.

    Well done!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Great tutorial!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Amazing tutorial has helped me many times!!!
  • alleyviperalleyviper0 Posts: 0Member
    Awesome!! I use Sketchup and a trial version of twilight renderer. I have been working very hard to model every single little panel in 3d due to the fact that I'm a newb and have no idea how to make a texture. The result is huge file size models that are forever in Wip phase. I have paintshop on my PC so I used some of your teachings to create my first texture ever. Sadly, projecting textures in Sketchup is horrible and there is no way to unwrap the model for texturing. To get my texture right I have to position it poly by poly but it is still way easier then trying to model so much stuff. Very helpful, ty ty.
  • Josh26IndyJosh26Indy0 Posts: 0Member
    What about a replicator block...

    I have tried n tried n tried to create

    a seamless Replicator Block pattern & I cant seem to manage it.
  • ldoldo0 Posts: 0Member
    Just one note, I would not bother applying emboss or any other faux-3D effects in the 2D app. This is because the real 3D app (Blender) can do this sort of thing much more realistically, if you give it a bump map.
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