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Paid Work: FW-190

BurpBurp0 Posts: 0Member
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My company would like to contract an artist (or artists) to provide an accurate model of an FW-190A-8 with a detailed cockpit and landing gear. I also require high-resolution UV mapping (panel lines, rivets and fasteners, but diffuse and specular maps will not be required)

Modo is preferable, but any model exportable to .OBJ is acceptable.

Future projects will include numerous Luftwaffe & Allied ground support vehicles, aircraft and buildings. If all goes well, this project could result in somewhat steady work, with a new project every few months.

Models will not be re-shared or re-distributed, but used internally by our company to produce high quality artwork and animations.

We want to make sure the artist is compensated for their hard work and research, not given a paltry commission from a massive model-selling conglomerate. You will receive 100% of your commission.

Please send work samples, links to portfolios, questions and comments to

[email protected]

And let us know what your work is worth to you!


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  • traqtraq0 Posts: 0Member
    can you give an example of the level of detail you require?
    do you require the model to be rigged for animation?
    do you require the modeling and texturing together, or are these separate offers?
    can you provide the necessary references and plans?
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