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3DAliens Invade SFM lol :)

metalsnakemetalsnake5 Posts: 0Member
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so after watching aliens 3 again and listenning to bishop tell ellen ripley about the fire on the sulaco it gave me an idea for a sulcao concept she has no name yet and no textures mainly cos i cant texture for crap and dont know about unfolding and welding the uv mapping but hopefully i'll figure that for now i got the basic mesh completed in 8,815 polys she's the same length and width of the sulaco but not as high

heres a couple of renders any suggestions for names and what details to add would be of great help :thumb:
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  • StarshipStarship472 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,981Member
    Looks like a cool start. What about Drusus for a name?
  • AeriesAeries1 Posts: 0Member
    Love this! I've always been a big fan of the Sulaco. How about Ticonderoga for a name? :3
  • metalsnakemetalsnake5 Posts: 0Member
    hmmm not sure on the names they sound a little weird to me but ya never know, havent got an update yet but thought i'd provide a bit of the background to the ship its still rough but should guide me in the direction of the full backstory

    anyhow the *un-named* may be small in height than the sulaco but it more advanced having a less weight and more engines make it faster and she has a few more guns than her original design after the aliens left earth on the predators ship the marines started building this vessel in an asteroid in the belt between earth and mars

    any ideas welcome as to where this should go
  • juanxerjuanxer331 Posts: 0Member
    "Nostromo", "Narcissus" and "Sulaco" come from some of Joseph Conrad's books, so perhaps you could check his bio and oeuvre a bit and see what other interesting names pop up. :)

    A few out of the Wikipedia entry: "Mauritius", "Otago", "Jacobus". "Conrad", at that.
  • GilmourGilmour0 Posts: 0Member
    Yeah you definitely have to go with a Conrad name, it's a theme running throughout! Out of those above, my votes for Otago.
  • metalsnakemetalsnake5 Posts: 0Member
    i was actually thinking of taking the name back towards the original casting crew in aliens ( the movie ) and some how the name KANE seems to have got stuck in my head

    USS KANE , USS RIPLEY (had to say that one hehe), USS LAMBERT and USS DALLAS all sound good i think to give it some ties into the aliens brand i'll run with the USS RIPLEY surely everyone will know what this model is intended on being that way

    the USS RIPLEY is an Otago class battleship now that seems to flow nicely might be able to put a story around that :thumb:
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