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3DMy Lego WIPs - Star Wars

cf3dcf3d0 Posts: 0Member
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I'm going to consolidate all my Lego stuff here. I've started with Lego blocks because you can learn some really interesting techniques when creating them.

Most of my Lego stuff will be Star Wars Lego. First up is the Tie Interceptor. This set has 703 piece that I'm trying to model accurately and to scale. Some things like the Lego lettering on top of the studs will be textured but each block is to size and all blocks top and bottom have been modeled.

The first image shows some of my base blocks.

The large square block in the front provided a lot of problems but I think I learned close to 5 different techniques for creating the circle cutouts. My way might not have been the cleanest, but it works for me. Since I didn't have the actual piece in front of me I wasn't sure how the piece looks on the bottom so that is currently the only piece I have taken creative liberties with.

I'm using just a standard material which will be changed later. I'm using a single skylight to light the scene and provide some minor shadows.

So have a look. Any critiques is welcome - good or bad.
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  • kippakippa0 Posts: 0Member
    Interesting WIP nice to see something completely different. :-)
  • cf3dcf3d0 Posts: 0Member
    another piece
    2.jpg 48.5K
  • cf3dcf3d0 Posts: 0Member
    4.jpg 292K
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    that is awesome, i did something similar years ago, love to see it, and i cant wait to see more...

    the nice this is you have the pieces and you just 'put' them together...

    looks great so far me jealous i didnt take my father than a few pieces
  • cf3dcf3d0 Posts: 0Member
    another small update. got the wing braces attached.
    5.jpg 204.9K
  • cf3dcf3d0 Posts: 0Member
    So - just like my snowspeeded I started about a month ago, this is starting to get very processor heavy. I should be able to get the rest of the body completed and then I will probably do the wings in a seperate file and merge them at the end. Or I may go the cheap route and get rid of all the under body and studs that aren't visible. That alone would cut down the poly count by 2/3's if not more. We will see. I kinda wanna make it as accurate as possible.
  • elitewolverineelitewolverine171 Posts: 0Member
    why so many? are you using a form of subsurf? or turbosmooth etc...?
  • cf3dcf3d0 Posts: 0Member
    nope.. it could just be my 2.6 amd dual core, nvidia 8800gt card machine. The studs have 32 sides (top edge chamfered) and same with the bottoms. so just a 1x1 block has 82 polygons. Currently with all parts (studs included) it's coming out at just over 110k faces. I'm not sure if that is a lot but it slows down movement, refresh gliches and all sorts of things happen. With the top studs removed, leaving the bottoms ones, it weighs in around 70k faces.

    I guess it's time to update to a quad core, 64-bit and add about 8 more gigs of ram. lol...
  • cf3dcf3d0 Posts: 0Member
    oh and no meshsmooth or turbosmooth or subsurf... I haven't even added materials yet.
  • TerranCmdrTerranCmdr0 Posts: 0Member
    Looking good man. I would definitely suggest taking out the bottom of the bricks you don't see. I did that for a few on my x-wing and it helped a great deal. Another thing you can do is work by groups or selection sets and hide and unhide them as necessary.
  • stonkystonky350 Posts: 489Member
    Awesome can't wait to see more! Each of your studs has 32 sides? You win, mine have, like, 12. :)
  • TerranCmdrTerranCmdr0 Posts: 0Member
    18 here. :P
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