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  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thanx madman1701a, appreciate the comments greatly. What if maybe if the legs were more like arms?

    Still working on him, and other stuff, more to come.

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:?




  • madman1701amadman1701a339 Posts: 366Member
    It looks great.... It still seems like the arms should be longer, or something.

    I think the legs are great as is. :)
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thank you madman1701a, and yes I see what you mean about the fingers, they could be longer indeed. I'll see what I can do, :thumb:. Thanx again.

    Thought I'd do a simple color test, on him and his armor, to see if I can get a better idea of his/their new look. These colors (on the armor) are somewhat like a Vorlons' encounter-suit, you know, to give it a semi-organic look.

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:.




  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Took a break from I'Sahurr to start on his fighter.

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:.


  • Ice-DragonIce-Dragon0 Posts: 0Member
    I'Sahurr is looking realy cool and that's a nice start to your fighter:thumb:
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thanx Ice-Dragon, appreciate it.

    Size comparison shot.

  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Tell me what you think, :thumb:?



  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    That's absolutely impressive stuff Hundred ! :thumb: I really like the smooth lines on the models even though the fighter seems to have a strange edge on the front (the connection of both sides) :D
  • cuyacuya174 Posts: 55Member
    really like the way the front windows, they are windows, aren't theY, look like the eyes of a spider, sort of anyway.
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    @ somacruz145: Thank you. Yeah, I figured it was time I started back practicing more smooth and organic stuff, in fact much of my earlier works were such. Though I never was very satisfied with many of them, I rushed a lot of stuff. And yes the crease in the front is a little strange, I actually forgot why I put it there......

    @ cuya: Thanx, and yes they are the canopy.

    Thanks again.

    Still working on him, much to do, more to come.

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:?



  • BerkutBerkut1 Posts: 0Member
    cool stuff, really freaky alien, I sorta get the feeling it's missing some more features on the face/head though. About the crease on the fighter, I'm guessing you're making half the fighter and cloning/mirroring the other half. This results in that the subdivision tool can't smooth out that line. Once you finish everything else and are satisfied with the design you have to connect the two halves convert to edit poly and create faces between for that edge to disappear. Can we see an unsubdivided wire?
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thanx Berkut, and his face is indeed far from complete. I've just been procrastinating about it is all. But tomorrow I'll have no excuses but to get to it. And no, I actually placed that crease there for specific a reason, which escapes me at the moment, :doh:.

    Here you go, :thumb:.








  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Nothing too much, just a slight update on the fighter. Reworked the canopy, it was looking kind of........ odd.

    Still working on it, much to do.

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:


  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    could do with tightening up some of those edges, more details, grilles, etc.. how about some nice hex mesh over the intakes... also use symettry instead of mirror and you'll lose that line down the middle.

    Btw, when you do wires, generally its best to just snag a screen cap or two from the viewport. a tip to make them look a bit more pro is to give the mesh a uniform grey material and then make the mesh colour black. so you end up with nice black wires on a grey model... seeing through to the other side of the model generally just makes things confusing. Anyway, keep it up, you're really picking up pace now.
  • nhallnhall171 Posts: 0Member
    Wow! I don't know how I missed this one. I'm really loving that first design. It feels like a near-future design that'll actually be plausible in the next few decades. Nice, nice work, man! And the latest one has a retro-scifi original war of the worlds feel to it that I'm liking a lot.
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    @ Coolhand: Thanx for the comments and suggestions. Their on the way.

    @ nhall: Thanx for the comment, appreciate them greatly, :thumb:. And yes, now that you mention it, it kind of does look like a War of the Worlds type ship to me. But actually I modeled it somewhat after one of a ray-fish.

    The blue spotted ray to be precise, however there is some bat ray influence in there as well.



    Slow day folks, job interviewing, not too much done. More to come later though, :thumb:


  • BerkutBerkut1 Posts: 0Member
    good stuff, you've improved so much over the last few months it's quite impressive. That grille gives off a really nice effect. Are we gonna see any missiles on this thing? or is it all ray guns and stuff? :) The only crit I have is that the back of the canopy looks a little messy
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member



    If you ask me Coolhand, it's just as confusing this way, as the other. :lol: More so even. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I'll just export them to Rhino and do a few ghost renders, after I finish some of the interiors....... Later, much later. :lol:

    And yeah Berkut, sort of. In a sense I am getting better, but that can only be attributed to two things. A.) I'm just finally beginning to learn Blender (I.E. I actually started doing some of the tutorials and doing it the right way). And B.) I'm starting to do more models using drawings and pictures, as a reference point, as opposed to just modeling the first thing that comes to mind.

    Thanx for the comment Fellas, :thumb:. More to come as soon as it can.
  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    yes its nearly as confusing looking as before... but you're not doing what i suggested... by the looks of it, you're still rendering the wire frames and not taking them from the viewport. and you're still rendering both sides (inside and outside) so it looks confusing.

    i mean so it looks something like this. this is from a viewport, but if you really want, you can do this with a render, but you should make sure that you don't use a 2 sided materials. render out a solid render first, then render out a wireframe and overlay it. rendering it that way is probably a bit excessive if you just want to show the wires however... A cap from a viewport like this is perfectly acceptable and clearly illustrates the wires.. perhaps enable antialiasing on your graphics card if you want smoother lines.. but that can cause odd effects and i have them switched off for the sake of clarity.
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Been a while, nothing much did........ since the last time. Still working on things though......... And stuff. :lol:

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:.



  • MephMeph331 Posts: 0Member
    Lovely shapes man, lovely shapes.
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thanx Meph, appreciate it much.

    Stared back on another one, to add to a scene I hope hope to do with the two.

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:?



  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    has someone been playing with the symmetry modifier?;) that last one looks a bit ungainly and the shape is very similar to those romulan ships.

    The manta ray looking thing is still your best one so far, though i'd lose all the 'eyes' they sorta interupt the flow of the model and the rear one makes it resemble the naboo fighter.. looks like somewhere you might fit an artoo unit... perhaps lose the other cone or sorta invert it, so the glowing thing (which looks pretty cool) is sat in a shallow counter-sunk hole in the top.. you could perhaps do this for the other 2 but they give it eyes and too much of a face if you see what i mean. Anyway, I think you should concentrate on that one, add more details, thicken up the central support for the canopy, add more details again, perhaps some landing gear? also maybe some hardpoints, a retractable re-fuelling system, some vents, maybe some small ram air scoops... take a look at real aircraft walkarounds for ideas perhaps. and also add textures! i think you should really turn this one into a fully detailed, textured, finished model... you'll learn a lot by doing that and its nice design to spend the time on.
  • Ice-DragonIce-Dragon0 Posts: 0Member
    Great work Hundred, I like the start of your new ship:thumb:
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    One moment please..............


  • AeriesAeries1 Posts: 0Member
    I like it! Very cool, reminds me of a drop ship, only really sleek and streamlined. Also kinda looks like a romulan warbird in a sense... Just, you know, miniaturized. And in my opinion, much cooler. :3
  • BerkutBerkut1 Posts: 0Member
    the new design is cool, but I think the tail thing you added isn't necessary it looked better before. I also think the smoothed edges are a tad too skinny, it doesn't look very sturdy. I'd thicken up all those lines.
  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    Thanx Coolhand, appreciate the comments and suggestion. Yeah, they do kind of interrupt the flow of the design at that. I think I'll just get rid of them all together. I guess I'll have to do something else for turrets. Maybe something that's retractable. :thumb:

    Now as for the other one (fighter that is), it's not quite finished but in the long run, I'm going for a design similar to that of the manta-ray looking ship.

    @ Ice-Dragon: Appreciate the comments, thanx, :thumb:.

    @ Aeries: Thank you! And yes it does resemble a drop-ship in a sense. Appreciate the comments. :thumb:

    @ Berkut: Thank you...... Yeah, it could use some beefing up around the wings as well as a few other spots. It does look a little lite, on certain angles. Thanx again. :thumb: And also I need the tail-end, I'm trying to give it a similar look to the other fighter.

    Still on it, more to come. Tell me what you think, :thumb:.

    BTW, the little red cylinders are missiles. (Yet to be finished.)





  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    The first fighter is substantially larger than the second on so....

    Still on it, more to come

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:.

    EDIT: The second one kind of looks like a Minbari shuttle, as well as a shark.


  • HundredHundred268 Posts: 1,021Member
    I think I'll work on all three (alien and both fighters), simultaneously. I like how this is going.

    Tell me what you think, :thumb:?




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