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Looking for: ModelLooking for old mesh.

Lt.CarterLt.Carter359 Posts: 95Member
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As you know most of the old resources are gone. I am trying to find the original mesh for the U.S.S Fleming. Does anyone have it or know where to find it? san86lts7edg.jpg
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  • scifiericscifieric1118 Posts: 1,493Member
    Oh wow, neat ship! Sorry, I've never even seen that one before!
  • Lt.CarterLt.Carter359 Posts: 95Member
    A lot of searching and finally found it. is now
  • Lt.CarterLt.Carter359 Posts: 95Member
    Been meaning to do this for a long time. An update for an old mesh. Creators have been noted.rc56ui1woqqf.jpg
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