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3DAnother childhood project that I'm converting into 3D art

Paul MoechnerPaul Moechner541 Posts: 126Member
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When I was around 14, I attempted to write my own star trek novel. To this day I never finished it as I went onto doing different things. Star Trek Voyager was still coming out with new seasons at the time lol. In this novel, I wrote a story where the Borg stopped pulling their punches and did a full out invasion of the federation and alpha quadrant, using thousands of cubes, etc. The federation became more militarized and shuttles were replaced with shuttle/fighters.

This is a 3D model I did of the drawings I made when I was 14 and designing a federation shuttle that would be more optimized for war.
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  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann640 Posts: 1,293Member
    I like 'em, I can picture them being nicknamed the cones
    I'm really digging the clean design going on, simple, easy to draw (as it should be), they're almost retro but out of necessity.

    I've been actually revisiting some of my old ideas from when I was that age as well, I think it's interesting to explore those old ideas and put them against our current level of knowledge, skill, etc.
    Paul Moechner
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804256 Posts: 11,034Member
    Interesting. The body reminds me of a bug. It's almost like the Federation took some design cues from the Jem'Hadar.
    Paul Moechner
  • Paul MoechnerPaul Moechner541 Posts: 126Member
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    Since I literally haven't worked on this concept since I was 14 (am 37 now), I FINALLY remembered where I put the weapons after putting a lot of thought into it lol. The idea was that these fighters were equipped with not just any type of phasers, but the rapid fire kind, that the Defiant had, but were enhanced with the "infinity modulators" that was featured in that old Star Trek Video game, "Elite Force II".

    Also fixed a few modeling mistakes I made.
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