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2DRomulan Panel

commandersozocommandersozo461 Posts: 609Member
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another prop graphic i found randomly and had to reproduce it ;) a nice romulan panel, enjoy it!

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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802873 Posts: 10,425Member
    Very nice. You have an incredible talent for recreating these graphics.

    I've always liked the Romulan stuff, especially the writing. Of course, the emblem is awesome also.
  • commandersozocommandersozo461 Posts: 609Member
    thnx, evil_genius_180 for the kind comment. i was always excited about the graphic stuff in star trek, especially the alien stuff. my favourite is the cardassian style. all the graphics done for star trek are "art" not only usable objects in my opinion.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802873 Posts: 10,425Member
    It sure is art. Hence, all the work the Okudas got over the years. =)

    I agree on the Cardassian stuff, it's fantastic. I actually got DS9 on DVD a couple days ago, so I started watching that again. The early episodes are really cool, as they still had a lot of Cardassian graphics on the station, before everything gradually changed to the Starfleet LCARS.
  • ZyuRangerZyuRanger22 Posts: 16Member
    Another wonderful piece of recreation !
    Those pastel colors sure seems....friendly :D I wouldn't have known at the time they are federation's enemy during TNG's era.
  • trekkitrekki826 Posts: 1,299Member
    Nicely :3
  • commandersozocommandersozo461 Posts: 609Member
    ZyuRanger & trekki, thnx for the kind comments!
  • MikkiKashiwagiMikkiKashiwagi151 StuttgartPosts: 54Member
    Whaaaaaah..!! the romulans are back..!!
  • commandersozocommandersozo461 Posts: 609Member
    LOL! they never left the house...thnx, MikkiKashiwagi !
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