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SFM wants your money

GuerrillaGuerrilla797 HelsinkiPosts: 2,868Administrator
No, wait! That came out wrong :grimace:

TLDR: You can now donate money towards running this forum and the Discord server on Ko-Fi.

People have been asking (not very often, but it has happened) about helping out with running the site, so I finally got around to setting up a Ko-Fi (Patreon seemed a little too intense) where you can do just that. You can find it here.

Donations will not get you anything apart from a hopefully warm fuzzy feeling, and the site nor this server currently rely on donations to keep running. I'm paying the bills because I think this is a community that should exist ad free and I can pretty easily keep paying them for the foreseeable future.

We might introduce some small rewards like badges or slightly different color usernames on Discord, but the plan is to never gate stuff behind a paywall. We might open up a merch store or something too, if we get around to designing some. If this really picks up, we'll think of some actual rewards.

As far as where the money goes, hosting this forum and Boosting the Discord server mostly. If we get any extra maybe we'll commission some official art or hire a real coder to make us some features. For the time being, it's just hooked up to my personal Paypal account.

Anyway, you can find our Donation page here:

I'm very grateful that you're here on this site whether you donate or not. :)
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