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ModelingWhere do these windows come from ?

Where do these windows come from ? This is supposed to be an original poster.
Did they change the ship from Star Trek Discovery ? The windows also look very large .




  • darkthunderdarkthunder413 SwedenPosts: 103Member
    The Strange New Worlds version of the ship has had some alterations. Most notably on the external, the aforementioned windows. The ones immediately in front are likely the height from floor to ceiling. But the saucer of the "TOS Connie" has mostly been considered to be 2 decks tall in most iterations, so I'd say they look pretty reasonably scaled.

    Another notable change, is the way the bridge looks. Warmer colors, new display graphics, and the removal of the "outer corridor" around the bridge, as shown in Discovery. Also a new secondary turbolift on the starboard side, near Spock's station.
  • StarshipStarship466 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,979Member
    The new windows makes me think they got some inspiration from the "D".
  • new_purplenew_purple112 Posts: 62Member
    I'm very eager to see what else they've done with the ship. There are so many things they tried to bring to the Enterprise way back in the TMP-era that just disappeared due ( I think) to the high cost of the sets and models...the multi-level rec deck in particular. Or the cargo-handling area in front of the shuttlebay.

    On the other hand, I really don't want to see another Kelvinvese Enterprise type redesign. Using a brewery as engineering? A warp core big enough for a boxing ring? What weird oval-shaped shaft in Beyond (?) that looks like it stretched 20 decks? No, thank you.

    I guess it all comes down to whether they can modernize the ship and sets while still staying somewhat true to the 60s source material.
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