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3DPercheron class (tos era)



  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    ^And. . . that sounds like something someone else can do. =) It would be an interesting take, though.

    The stardates? I just came up with something that seemed reasonable.

    I used Blender's Workbench renderer with material colors and the orthographic setting on a camera to keep the scale for views. The rest done in Manga Studio 5. When I do my specifications, I strictly avoid nautical and biological terms, such as "draft" and "dorsal." It's not a boat, and it's not a fish.

    And the Boolean unions have begun. On duplicates, of course.


    Ah, the joy of sliding verts and dissolving edges. I fix one side and symmetrize, and in this case I had to separate the lower hull faces because of the asymmetric details. I discovered this process after I thought I could get away with selecting only the verts I wanted to effect, but that deleted faces. Next I'll union the nav deflector boom to the pylon sled, and then that whole piece to the saucer. Then reevaluate my deck layout, move windows if needed, then apply those booleans and get to fixing faces. I'm not going to union the nacelles to the pylon, because, one, one is a mirrored instance collection, and two, they should be able to be jettisoned. I'll make it look like the pylon is inserted into the nacelle.

    I am being mindful of quads, but if I can't avoid ngons, I'm leaving them as long as it looks good.

  • publiusrpubliusr547 Posts: 1,743Member
    Ready for Eaglemoss
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    Then Captain Foley's Trekyards critique?
  • trekkitrekki931 Posts: 1,387Member
    Very good idea. The transition to TOS.
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    Boolean and topology repair was going good, until...


    Good thing I was working on duplicate meshes, because this area, as seen here on the originals, is a mess.


    This is not an acceptable fix for this severe geometry mismatch on the Boolean union meshes. I tried many different way to blend it.

    Looking for a solution on the original meshes, I learned proportional editing by moving the vertices in the beveled corner outboard did not help much, in part because...


    ... this oddly kicked up area is problem too. Don't know how or when that happened. Probably early in the build.

    I'm going to have to rebuild the whole pylon sled to better match the bottom of the shuttlebay.
  • count23count23359 Posts: 778Member
    edited April 2021 #37
    What you may find easier for that method is instead of booleaning out the cut, knife it out, then bridge the edge loop from the two parts together instead. you'll have much more control over the topo flow there. Once you've got the edge loop in place, you can add edge loops with ctrl+r and deform them with proportional editing or a curve modifier to get the flow consistent.

    Alternatively, if you build that entire segment as one simple subd piece, and then union it with the saucer, you'll probably have much better results.

    You can get some tech advice on the SFM discord if you want a bit more real time feedback for this.
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  • seanrseanr1083 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 590Member
    count23 wrote: »
    Alternatively, if you build that entire segment as one simple subd piece, and then union it with the saucer, you'll probably have much better results.
    I was going to suggest this - better to build it as a single piece. Whether it's subd or just beveled is a different matter, but starting with a single piece with good topology would be easier than trying to fix it after the fact.
    You can get some tech advice on the SFM discord if you want a bit more real time feedback for this.
    This times a thousand.
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member

    Fictional-universe-wise, I figured the manufacturing would be semi-modular, but I failed to make the pylon "sled" as wide as the shuttlebay—initially I hadn't intended to boolean union all these pieces together. I doubt the ship would be manufactured with that large bevel curving up under the shuttlebay overhang. It's a mess and the sidewall of the shuttlebay should extend into the sidewall of the sled. The saucer, BC/shuttlebay, and sled should be one congruous mesh. I'd like the forward edge of the sled to pull out from the saucer to get rid of the protruding bevels of the sled's forward face, so the sled mesh has to go. That superstructure would look better built out the geometry of the union of the saucer and shuttlebay. Easy build.
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    Separated some bits and parts. Extruded a box from the shuttlebay bottom and joined that with a separated section of the lower hull, and began to make faces.





    Still some clean up to do, and putting things back together.

  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member


    Retopo looks decent, and those two pieces are joined back together.


    Now to boolean everything together.

  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    edited April 2021 #42
    Decided against doing boolean unions. Instead, (as suggested) trimmed away some sections, joined to the two meshes together, and proceeded with the bridging and face building, and topo clean up. In the process, discovered I had some window boolean cutter normals facing inward, so I had to fix those so they would show the 30 cm walls.





    Probably not going to merge the pylons, impulse engines, and sensor fin to the hull. Wish there was a way to make an edge loop at two mesh intersections.

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  • publiusrpubliusr547 Posts: 1,743Member
    I have often wondered about DNA “coding” in how nature makes wing roots. Could that apply to artifice?

    Nice work!
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    I rebuilt some of the sensor pod to smooth it out. I should have redone the whole thing with a higher radial vertices count, but I kept all the brass parts. I'm avoiding subsurface modifiers. I ended up melding it to the primary hull anyway. The pylons and impulse engines remain separate objects from the primary hull, which should be called just the hull, as there isn't a secondary. IKR?



    Tractor beam emitter.

    Days ago I decided to make it so I can render it more or less TOS complaint. No lighted registration number and name, no RCS thrusters, no glowing warp engines. I kept the phasers and torpedo launcher because I have altered geometry around the phasers. Of course I can hide the phasers, torpedo, and the Boolean operations, but that geometry remains and would require excising faces and rebuilding. Not a difficult task, but something to consider later on.



    It was this point in rendering that I noticed I forgot to change the number on the nacelles.

    And I forgot to hide the engine glow.



    I suppose I should hide the impulse glows too. . . .




  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    Roll bar pods.

    First up is a long range search and targeting pod for reconnaissance and scouting.





    I would rather it not sit so far back so the roll bar isn't angled like it needs a third leg, but I wanted more to keep a clear path for the reactor and antimatter pods ejection ports.






  • StarshipStarship461 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,975Member
    Wonderfull !!
  • srspicersrspicer390 Posts: 335Member
    Looks great!
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