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Autodesk "Indie" Subscription pricing $265/year

Im posting this in case people arent aware of it. If its old news, I apologize. But in the event people are still bleeding over the regular subscription prices, I thought id be good to put on blast.

As of mid-2019, Autodesk started offering an "Indie" subscription pricing structure for Maya and 3ds max. If youre making less than $100k/year then you are eligible. The software is fully functional no restrictions. Its now $265 a year.

This was released by Autodesk with very little fanfare, and regular users were not informed of the pricing change :/ So to the home or freelance users still forkng out $200 a month, this is welcome news.

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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804462 Posts: 11,127Member
    I never knew this was a thing. Of course, it would have only been useful to me several years ago, when I was floundering between programs. Still, it seems like a good deal for freelance artists and hobbyists who can't afford their usual prices.
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