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Looking for: ModelMovie era Star Trek character (Starfleet)

seanrseanr1258 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
I'm hoping to find a movie era Star Trek character model. Can be fairly generic, in either TMP or TWOK+ uniform. I don't need anything super detailed, just enough to pass in a set render. Preferably walking, but I'll take what I can get (as long as it's not sitting). The format should be anything Blender can import reasonably well.



  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Do you mean something like that?
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    I also found the two on my hard drive.

  • seanrseanr1258 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
    Both of those are perfect. What format are they in and would you be willing to share them?
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    I myself work with cinema. I can convert them to fbx format. Please give me an email.
  • seanrseanr1258 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
    That would be awesome, thank you so much! My email is [email protected].
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Did you get the objects?
    I loaded it into Blender, it worked.
  • seanrseanr1258 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
    Just downloaded them (was asleep). I was up VERY late working on my set, so I'm probably going to go back to bed, but I'll give these a try later.
  • seanrseanr1258 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
    They work quite well, though the scale was off - I had to look up Shatner's height to get them scaled correctly relative to the set (which is using real units). Thank you very much. :)

    Here's a little preview render:

    Looks like the TMP characters are from Raul Mamoru's travel pod mesh, but do you know where the other one came from? Want to make sure I credit these properly, of course. :)
  • seanrseanr1258 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
    New full render:
  • FreakFreak1090 Posts: 4,361Member
    This is looking great.
    Looks like you really have taken to Blender.
  • seanrseanr1258 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 627Member
    Thanks. Still working on the rest of the set, but I posted a final render from that camera in finished artwork:
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