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3DJR WIP Thread



  • ashleytingerashleytinger872 Central OhioPosts: 819Member
    I really love that design.
  • StarshipStarship314 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,872Member
    Dannage wrote: »
    Ah all is well here young Cassio, though the world is a much more... complicated.. place since we used to flood these pages with our works. :) I hope all is well with you and the family.

    As for Jrxtin, I hope this beauty gets finished and ends up in the completed works section with some beauty shots.

    Not so young anymore... i´m in 53. :D
    Yeah, the world is to much more complicated these days.
    All fine here. I have two kids: a girl in 15 and a boy in 10 years old.
    Hope that all is going fine there too. ;)
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    I'm currently working on one of my comic ideas. IDW (current Trek publisher) is a huge mess ATM and it wouldn't surprise me if they go out of business in a year or two, or drop the comic side of the business.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    Here's a couple ideas I had to rough out. The first is my take on the Crossfield class. I wanted to see if it would be any better if I used sponsoons to fill in that awkward empty space between the back of the saucer and the front of the delta. Overall, it's still not quite right but I think it's a big step in the right direction. I like how it looks like it evolved from the NX refit. Imagine a universe where Discovery looks like it fits into Star Trek continuity. I hope I can tweak this up to 100%.


    The 2nd is a TOS/TMP era Romulan Warbird. I think this one will pan out, although the color palette may be too Dominion. I'm hesitant to make it green, like TNG/post TNG era Romulan ships. Perhaps it should be anyway. I don't want it to look like a newer ship, but really all the post-TNG Romulan designs would fit in with the TMP era Bird of Prey.

    Lizzy777Warp Propulsion LaboratoryJESpubliusr
  • RekkertRekkert2779 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,180Member
    Interesting take on the Crossfield, looks a lot more balanced this way. :)
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  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1568 CaliforniaPosts: 1,885Member
    Gosh, what an outstanding design. First I've seen of this. I wish they had had you do this for the JJ movies and Discovery.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    edited March 2020 #38
    Rekkert - I bet the Crossfield will pan out if I keep putting time into it.

    Brandenberg - There's an alternate past where I worked on those projects. I didn't get established as a movie concept artist though. I have done a version of the Connie that got some traction -

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    Lizzy777BrandenbergWarp Propulsion Laboratorysrspicerpubliusr
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1568 CaliforniaPosts: 1,885Member
    edited March 2020 #39
    Those 15 minutes of fame. Congrats JR :) I also think yours was better than the JJ prise.

    BTW, just in case, the design I was referring to in my first post was the BOP that takes up most of this thread.
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  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    Those 15 minutes of fame. Congrats JR :) I also think yours was better than the JJ prise.

    BTW, just in case, the design I was referring to in my first post was the BOP that takes up most of this thread.

    I got a little burned out on that one. The landing gear is too complicated. I'm going to have to rethink that. I'm not 100% on the rest of it either.

  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    Another idea that I blocked out -

    The shape of this is kind of like the McQuarrie concept, isn't it?
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    The Crossfield is making more of a case for itself. I like the impulse arrangement and the warp nacelles are getting interesting. The undercut bevel on the saucer also works better than the NX style bevel.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    The modelling on the warp nacelles is almost done. I need to put more greeblies into the back part, and I'll add running lights and RCS thrusters after the rest of the ship is done. From this angle, I'm happy with the way she's shaping up. The other angles need more refinement, but I'm sure she'll get there.
  • DannageDannage236 Posts: 634Member
    Neat looking Akira-crossfield. :)

    If I could find anything to challenge on this, it would be the fins on the back of the nacelles perhaps? Are they sticking out more than they could?
    (That's just me trying to find something to critique, since I know drool-fawning over designs isn't always the most useful feedback!) :D
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    I'm thinking the same thing about the fins (space matrix balancer assembly). I may shrink them, but I'm not sure yet. In relation to the front part of the nacelle, they don't stick out further than on the Connie, but the nacelle steps down further and the balancers look longer there. I'll see how I feel about it as the rest of the ship develops.

  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801854 Posts: 9,999Member
    I think the catamarans are the way to go for the Crossfield class. The hull is so wide and oddly shaped and those really help break it up some.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    I tried a few variations to make this look less like the Akira class - but then it looks less like the NX class. I've grown attached to the idea of having the same kind of lineage between this and the NX class as between Excelsior>Ambassador>Galaxy. I'm sticking with the first version, with the splayed out aft pontoon section. Even though we've gone to the well too many times with that, preserving the sense of lineage is worth it. I'll have to do it again if I finish my version of the NX, but it is what it is. Choices were made during the production of Enterprise, it's not my fault they flipped the Akira's warp drive over and called it a day.

    I suppose the additions to the delta's leading edge have something to do with the spore drive. IMO the Crossfield should have spore drive emitters arranged around the hull.

    evil_genius_180 - I hate to go there again with the catamarans, but now that I've looked at it for a while, it's clearly the right choice. This version looks better and it fits in so much better with the time period and lineage.
  • DannageDannage236 Posts: 634Member
    I like one and three and I like one the best so I think you're right to stick with it. :)
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Crossfield Saucer Separation.

    The saucer would be all spore drive, with some extra bits like impulse engines on the sponsoons so it can maneuver around when separated. The warp delta is the main ship. The cylinders on the leading edge of the wings will be spore-field extenders, so the saucer doesn't spore-off on its own and leave the delta section behind.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1568 CaliforniaPosts: 1,885Member
    Yeah, I like this version the best too.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801854 Posts: 9,999Member
    How it separates is really interesting.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Am I losing too much of the McQuarrie concept? Is that possible LOL?

    I'm digging the move of main engineering to the saucer - although perhaps it is spore engineering or secondary engineering? It would be interesting to see a visual interaction between the guys in the spore drive and the the bridge crew, through the respective windows, which aren't going to be far apart and look directly into each on this ship.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    After starting a few ships and failing to finish them, I've decided to only show ships that are close to completion. So it's been a while, but here is a new one that is modelled to a "Voyager ship of the week" level of detail - the "King Mandukam!"

    (Also, his little friend, only blocked out at this point)

    Those of you who have the Romulan Ship Recognition Manual from FASA may recognize the Mandukam -


    The Mandukam was a smallish gunboat acquired from the Klingons and refitted with Romulan technology. It was a hot mess, as the Romulans had to cut into the superstructure to fit their technology, resulting in a ship that tended to break during hard manuevers. There was a type 2 version which attempted to solve the problems of the type 1, but only made things a little bit better.

    The King Mandukam is yet another attempt to fix the Mandukam, by moving the warp drive to a carrier space craft and using the free space for extra structure and beefed up shields and weapons. The new ship can fight as a single unit, or split into bi-vector assault mode.

    The King was cost-effective compared to an all new gunboat design, due to the reuse of existing hulls, but would have been more expensive and less capable as an original design, and so new ship classes did not adopt this hull configuration.

    The smaller ship is a very early Romulan design, from a period where they were still trying to transition from warp rings to nacelles. It is badly dated but still serves due to limited funding being directed into new technologies such as the cloaking device, plasma weapons, and the Bird of Prey ship class.

  • srspicersrspicer288 Posts: 250Member
    Wow, sooo much awesome trek designs in these last couple of posts. I really like the future-retro Enterprise, and the carrier animation is top notch!
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    Wow, you watched the carrier animation? That thing landed with a distinct "thud." Yet another ship I should finish - perhaps I'll turn it into the JR-Trek Galaxy class! Would it be strange to think of Picard launching fighters? Heh heh, but perhaps this is the alternative universe where Picard never got in the fight with the Nausicaan, and he's swabbing the decks while Captain Riker is launching fighters!

  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Well look, I ended up modelling another ship instead of texturing the old ones! I had an idea for a bigger Romulan cruiser, but I didn't like it when I blocked out, so I thought "While I've got this basic Romulan hull shape in front of me, let me try this other wing configuration that's been kicking around my head." This one is rather charismatic! It's got a bit of the V-1 Starglider from the FASA manual in it. I'm trying to decide if it is the Starglider in the JR-Trek universe. Why not? I'm probably not going to do one that's more like the Starglider than this.

    FASA's Starglider is a cruiser, but this one is a light carrier. The lower hull is a fly-through hanger bay.

    I've got more fins going than Gene would have liked, but Romulans are a passionate people. If they want fins, they'll have fins. No smarmy Vulcan comes between a Romulan and his hot rod!

    I'm not sure about the deflector dishes on the sides of the saucer, but having one in the middle is a Federation thing, so I suppose I'll keep them.

  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member


    It's been a while, but now I've got a little time for Trek again. I'm working on the war paint for the Starglider. I'm trying to come up with something that harks back to the scalloping on the TOS Bird of Prey's upper trailing edge, but brings it up to a higher standard, because that model was not much more than a quick sketch. Interesting basic shape, but it needed a lot of fleshing out. What I've come with may not fit with the TMP or TNG era Romulan ships, but that's a good thing. NX and TOS era ships should not look like TNG or post-TNG era ships.

    I feel like going all out with the detailing on this one, but I think there's already more modelling in it than there was in the Picard TOS Bird of Prey! It's kind of shocking how little was there. Still a great scene though.

  • publiusrpubliusr320 Posts: 1,458Member
    I love your sense of flow. The trekbbs needs to see this! I’d love to see a refit era Crossfield in your style—-a Reliant Connie
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    edited April 2021 #59
    Is there a lot of activity on Trekbbs? I tried to look at it, but they threw up an adblock nag screen, so I left.

    I've got a pre-TOS era Crossfield sketch a few posts up. Didn't mean to abandon it, but I had a few other ideas I wanted to block out.

    There may eventually be a JR-Prise style Connie, Saladin, etc. It's too easy not to do.

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  • publiusrpubliusr320 Posts: 1,458Member
    A long time ago, there was a Star Trek Big Wheel that had a ship on the plastic KITT like handlebar that looked like your Crossfield, actually.

    One idea you might want to try is doing the representation of the Enterprises in merchandise. The MEGO bridge set had these viewscreen panels that made it seem the Enterprise was just a flying bridge with one nacelle, despite the cover art. The tiny TMP action figures had the refit on the card look interesting. Not accurate in the least...but I’ve always wanted a toy like that.

    What do we get though? Ugly Funko Pops and now Star Trek...ducks.

    There should be a Soviet style design bureau called TSNIITOY that sends these toy execs to swab out SpaceX rocket nozzles during static tests
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    Eaglemoss is doing good work. Someone else is doing the Star Trek Online models. I may do a 3D print of the JR-prise one day, for myself. Maybe a couple other people would want one. I doubt it'd be many.

    I searched for the big wheel, but couldn't find it.

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