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3D2001 Space Odyssey interiors



  • I14R10I14R1070 Posts: 140Member
    Thanks tralfaz :)
  • I14R10I14R1070 Posts: 140Member
    And I think this is final update for this model. I've spend last month making hundreds of little adjustments on the model, textures and lighting. I'm now 95% happy with the result. I could spend a few more months tweaking it more, but I think this is enough.



  • SchimpfySchimpfy171 Posts: 0Member
    I think that's a pretty good point to call it a day. :) Besides, if you ever get bored later you could come back and tweak some more. That's the beauty(?) of this hobby...nothing's ever completely finished.

    Great job!
  • I14R10I14R1070 Posts: 140Member
    Thanks Schimpfy. Absolutely, I can come back to this model later.
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