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Star Trek Saucer Workflow Question, Grid Lines etc.

shaneongleyshaneongley0 Posts: 0Member
Hi guys,

I'm just about to get started on a new model of the NX-01 and I was curious to know what peoples general workflow is when doing saucers, mainly in regards to the grid lines.

I'm using 3ds max and planning on turbosmoothing the whole saucer, in this situation would you do the grid lines before smoothing and work in all the edge loops at that stage or collapse the mesh after turbosmoothing and then cut in the lines and just chamfer the edges, essentially leaving this as the very last thing on the model?

Curious to know how you guys do it or if there is a different way i'm not thinking of?

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  • Hunter GHunter G477 Posts: 383Member
    I would cut the lines after applying the subsurf. Less geometry that way.
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