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Character/Species models from multiple franchises

Stargate38Stargate3861 Posts: 0Member
I've been looking everywhere for these models. Can someone please upload them or tell me where to get them? Here's the ones I need the most:


Asgard (any character will do, they all look the same, but Thor will do)
Wraith (preferably Todd or Michael)
Replicators (bug and/or humanoid forms)
Goa'uld Symbiote (adult and/or juvenile, whatever you can find)

Star Wars (There are plenty of SW models out there, but I can't seem to find the following):

Momong (From Clone Wars)

Star Trek:

Romulans (especially Commander Suran)
Bajorans (especially Kira Nerys)
Klingons, especially Worf and Gowron (So far, I've only found ships and weapons.)
Ferengi (Quark, Rom, and Nog)
Vorta, especially Weyoun
Cardassians (Gul Dukat)
Changelings/Founders (I'd prefer Odo, but I can't even find a model of him in humanoid form)
Xindi (Any species will do, but preferably the Primates)
Trill (Dax symbiont, Hosts: Jadzia, Ezri)

Poly Count should be 32768-65536 polys per model, if possible. If you can, please extract some of the character models from Star Trek Online, or tell me where to download them. I would really appreciate it if you did.

Formats I use: obj, blend, 3ds, skp
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