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AnimationThe Arrival-Update

RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
edited August 2016 in Work in Progress #1
of this personal project of a BSG TOS Story Arc hopefully in a manner relative or reminiscent to/of the series,
an updated video.

And since it is taking me so long to render much of it, I started another....
Would like to continue this one also..see video description.
Just some fan editing music mix compilation.

Thank You for visiting my post.
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  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    Repairs,re-renders,clip changes,repairs that need repairs..the same ole stuff.

  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    More on this...

    I do often wonder why I bite off so much to chew on.
    -but I have always been at it in this way.

    I do not see the point of making a 15-30 second,or 1 minute video.(Except for feedback etc)
    Must be a plot,Concept,Idea,Layout,Music,A message,,something of more
    substance than look at this trick or discovery or neat item.

    I always try to make it worth viewing as best I can muster with what I know and have.
    And I always make things that have had an impact or effect on myself, or that inspire
    something in me.

    Thank You

    -am racing the devil, yet I am in no hurry,most of the time-
    -Randal R.

    "if I may,let you experience the inspiration that music can invoke.
    And the images to try and reinforce or capture or sustain or present that which you hear."
    -Randal R.
  • scifiericscifieric1122 Posts: 1,497Member
    The videos don't seem to exist anymore. I was hoping to see them!
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