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AnimationBSG The Arrival 2015 Fiction-Episode-TOS

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edited November 2015 in Work in Progress #1
TBH- Fans may understand this better if they have seen the original series. and not Galactica 1980 ... :D

-Under Construction--Remake of a BSG Animation short I did a few years ago.Fiction TOS...Season 2...What really happened to the Space Shuttle Columbia..was an encounter with an alien craft that marks the first contact of the Colonial Fleet with Modern Earth, only the Cylons may have found, or stumbled onto, Earth also.....

Completely Redone the Viper MKIV by Sean Kennedy...
...cut like 200 selection tags down to 40..that had built over the years.Gave it new look kind of.

Tried Improving/Fixing/Correcting the Textures on the Shuttle and Station.Tinkered-Changed some Intro Clips and Title footage renderings.
Just trying to make a good video better...and improving the look and animation.
Tinkered with text/mats on Hyades Model to give a more whitened look.
I have tried and tried to re do the TOS D.Kerin Galactica, but it has too many objects,,and that everything is skewed on model from import.
( as all the models I have imported seem to be) and selection tags and attributes are all wrong..many moons to fix.
Decided not to use it and opted for the Hyades look.( by TanJ)

Am also debating the vipers....the old MK II I have I may not be able
to make any better..and the MK IV by Sean Kennedy is a nice model.
and I think I got it looking pretty good in The Warrior's Toll video.
Prolly use it instead for Viper shots.

Much more work to do on this....See Original video:

--been on the Warrior's Toll video for so long and seen it so many times, I need a respite from it. :D

Regards, and Thank You for Watching.
Randal R.

Regards, and Thank You for Watching.
Randal R.
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  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    I finally dragged myself into the pit of poly selection hell...this Viper I had....(Sean Kennedy (Treybor)
    from so many fixes, re fixes,,scene adapts over the was ripe with appx 200+ mat selection tags.

    So, I put 2 ships together..and began reverse poly selection removal and refit and retex...:D

    Couple of things I may try in this is using those mats to light up,glow or something,,the ones on the guns...
    see how it goes/looks maybe. Ex: coils on the laser,gun. has its own mat selection.

    Update Video of project.

    Randal R.
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    Hello, would like some opines on these changes to the Viper skin..

    After a word, I started perusing the preset mats in C4d....never really did before.

    So I found a few and applied them to the Skin of the Hull,wings and engines,the Canopy frame.

    added a lil bump map on the main hull. I tried to add some scratch but was not too successful at this time and omitted

    for now.

    I think I used a Synthetic - ABS Matte Gray ( hull-wings) and Car Paint - Metallic Midnight ( Canopy frame) with specular off- it had some unwanted effect.

    Thnks for your input.

    Bonus Wip 3 upload video....which all viper shots will get re rendered possibly.....:D

    Added a ss of a new Opening shot..tinkered with an Inverse Volumetric light to add some atmosphere..and tinkered with he actual Fresnel on the sphere layer.
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    Well, after perusing the C4d Mats some more..I went ahead and started fooling with the Raider too....

    addendum...after getting it looking the way I was liking...I accidentally overwrote the file and lost this.
    Been trying to get build it back,,but I cannot fathom what and how I did the mats...tried using every possible base
    mat and tinkering with the procedural's .... Gone lost ..that loving feeling.

  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member

    Tried using the Post Filter in C4d

    Sat -4 Bright -3 Contrst -3 Exposure -0.1

    Added a mission timer in AE

    Added Color Balance in AE also....(not much experience in this area.)

    570 Frames C4d Render Time14 Hrs. on Open Shot Reboot.
  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    Viper Reskins.... been trying for a dark look and a light look..Like Jedi VS Sith :D

    I may have to re doo Warrior now...
  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    Bad news....

    Have not even messed with or worked on any of these files today,,and went to check something,,all the footage,,all the scene files for C4d and SMS..
    Gone!...searches for them and with file scan in SMS....they are gone...was not in Recycle Bin either.
    That opening scene took 4 days to render 1467 frames clip #1..all the shuttle and station mat enhancements
    next 3 scenes that were ready to render...gone....:( :( :( :(
    ,,and now I dont even have all the changes or scene files to re render.....this is frakked ...
    maybe I should freeking toss it all..mobody pays any attn to these any way..

    may be over....
    Comp had been acting strange all day today,, with lags and hangs...frakkin sob...
  • SanderleeSanderlee1 Posts: 0Member
    Sounds like you have a hard drive on the edge of failure. Back up everything you have on new media ... quick-like.
  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    After retex and Poly tagging the Station and doing another once over of the shuttle mats/selection...
    --made those solar panel textures in c4d..look pretty good I think--

    Fixing an aberration of the Fresnel Atmosphere twice during rendering.Re-tex of the Vipers again.
    This is where I am at....

    Added a mission timer..and some efx on it.

    All previous vidz are obsolete.


    meh...the sound efx for the Ufo is'd that happen?
  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    I tried to Improve this...

    Frame 0 of the New Rendering of Clip#1--Last time I work on this.
    This is the final look of clip 1.

  • RandalRRandalR0 Posts: 0Member
    Already uploaded a new video of things, and then find a planet map that is less resolute, but looks much better imo.
    So, am re-doing the opening again. (appx 2 weeks more of rendering the 2 clips).
    -have yet to find the map mentioned in this video-
    Link to C4d Earth Orbit^^

    Also went back to do more on the TOS Raider, and found poly's missing on the barrels.
    So, I decided and went ahead and took the raw David Kerin Model and started it again, and tried to get what I had.
    To include the emitters and mats and settings.(12-15 Hours )

    Attached Images:
    Image of previous planet map
    Image of new planet map
    Image of New Raider

    A video of what I was going to use as a BG Clip for the I was trying to get the stars to not do what they are doing.
    --still miffed at what is going on with this flaring and twinkling..cant seem to get rid of it.--
    _XRay Dog-Audio_Sit up and Listen

    The uploaded new obsolete video of Project

    This was not supposed to be work. Was supposed to be a quick remake of an old video I did.
    Hard to be a professional when your not one. :D
    Hope you enjoy anyway.Hope I may complete it too.
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