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New Fan Community Project Idea

BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral238 Posts: 1,646Member
Hey, all...

I was chatting about this with my friend Atolm earlier today, and he liked the idea, so I thought I'd post it here, and see if there was ANY interest at all within the Star Trek fan community for something like this, or not.

I was thinking of an SotL calendar that featured ONLY the Star Trek ships designed by FASA... all era - TOS, TMP, and TNG. Obviously, canon/fanon ships could be featured in aspects of the images, but the central focus would be ONLY the FASA ship. I am well aware of the intense venom that is directed to the TNG-era FASA designs, even though I happen to love them myself, so I was thinking that this idea would likely be a stillbirth, but I figured that I'd submit it anyways, and see.

Are there any others out there who, like Atolm and I, would like to see a SotL calendar of FASA Trek ships?
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