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PracticalAH 64 Apachi Helocopter for some CG Work in adobe afterfx and cinema 4d.

BigDBigD0 Posts: 0Member
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Hi Y'all, I wanted to find a model helicopter to build and play with in camera tracking program, afterfx, cinema 4d and just plain ole have fun...

So I've decided to buy a model helicopter that you only need a screw driver and some time to build. I didn't like some of the coloring so I've decided to paint of it for my cg work.... Here is what I have done since I got home from the city today.








I am not the best painter in the world but hey its a start right?
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  • JennyJenny2 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking for a while about kitbashing one of these to make it an anti-gravity assault vehicle instead of a helicopter. I'll watch your progress with interest.
  • BigDBigD0 Posts: 0Member
    Good Idea I got some more update photo's I will post later tonight.
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