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Space: 1999 VR Experience

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For Space: 1999 fans in particular and for science fiction lovers in general...

Space 1999 VR Experience
Short Description
This page is dedicated to the development of Space 1999 the video game which is currently being developed in unity for the Oculus Rift

Work form Paulo Arraial (moonbase Alpha model) and several others modellers.

You can see WIP of Paulo Arraial's moonbase Alpha model here

Amazing work!
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  • Bug 2000Bug 2000171 Posts: 0Member
    Space1999 the External and interior Tour (Work in Progress)
  • TALON_UKTALON_UK2 Posts: 0Member
    Impressive, should look pretty cool when completed. One thing you really need to get in there, and I'm sure it is on the cards being work in progress and all that, but the Eagle Transporter really needs those landing gear to have its suspension apparatus enabled, so when it lands the vessel bounces slightly on the gear as it settles, the lack of that detail was really noticeable during that landing sequence. Oh, and another minor detail, you need to look at the draw distance on the small rocks on the lunar plains, as they suffered a little from popping into existance as the camera cruised towards the main base. Really looking forward to seeing more.
  • japetusjapetus2981 SeattlePosts: 1,403Member
    Wow...that's a heck of a lot of work! Hard for me to imagine all that...took me long enough to finish my Clavius landing I know that the bases are pretty similar
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