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3DSpace1999 Sunbird - with thanks to James Murphy

ZoxesyrZoxesyr332 Posts: 0Member
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Sunbird was built to be an FTL drive test bed and a proto-type for the Superswift project. This is part of the presentation made to the Earth Space Comission by the main contractor for the ship.

I created this little ship based on a kit-bashed model I made as a kid. It is inspired partly by the Superswift seen in Bringers of Wonder, and partly on the Swift seen in Brian the Brain (two entirely forgettable 2nd season episodes).

Moonbase Alpha, Landing Pad and Eagle One by James Murphy (I can't find him to thank him for his models)
Sunbird and all textures by me
(I made a few tweaks to each of the models)
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  • scifiericscifieric1099 Posts: 1,474Member
    Outstanding. First, well done on making something related to Space:1999 and another boost for an original interpretation! I loved the first season of that show.

    Nicely done.
  • Bug 2000Bug 2000171 Posts: 0Member

    Reconstructing Moonbase Alpha - the science fiction legend lives again in the digital realm!
    This is another sample project that showcases the abilities of the Space Opera Society... here VFX wizard Wes Sargent of Stargate fame researches original production photos to digitally reproduce one of the touchstones of modern space opera... Space:1999's Moonbase Alpha! The art in re-architecting such an incredible set digitally from forty year old reference is another example of the cutting-edge work we have accomplished to date... with additional projects in development now!

    For Space: 1999 fans...:D
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