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Globally export scene mats/tex to a file folder ( How?) C4d

Hello everyone.

I have made an animation for a fanfilm.
They are now asking for every Material and Texture used in the scene.

456 Mats with channels and layers in most.
Take me weeks to hunt trace and copy.

IS there a way to create a tex file for all in the scene?
Or to copy all mats/tex/images to a file folder?

Is there a better way to do the task of making a file folder with all mats and textures in the scene?

They say they require all for any additional film things they are adding.

I really need to find out.

I really really will Luv you if you can save me from this horrible task.


Randal R.

Addendum..I think I solved it again... just when I ask.

I used the save project assets..and I think it did the trick.

Am not 100% sure it got all, because the file seems a little light

for the # of mats.
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