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Integrating kerkythea with sketchup 2014

rwkingrwking189 Posts: 173Member
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What folder to I copy the sketchup plugin for kerkythea to sketchup...In older versions of sketchup, it went into the plugins folder....but in the newest sketchup version, there IS NOT a plugins where do I copy the kerky files to to integrate the program
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  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    that's why i still use an older sketchup version. the installer exe file for the old version should be lying around somewhere, if you get a copy of that file you can install the old program without any difficulty on windows xp 7 or 8. in the newest sketchup what folders ARE there, i might be able to advise but you might benefit from also asking this on a sketchup tech support forum. if it still exists on the latest sketchup version, try finding where the ocean extension rb files are placed then paste the kerkythea rb files into the same directory. however since the earth modelling pipeline was discontinued the ocean plugin may not be installed either. sketchup's new owners would probably be very happy to make export difficult as the pro version has exporters built in where the free version does not, they are probably rather annoyed when plugins allow for exports so may have taken steps in the latest version to prevent plugins being installed. but IF there is the right sort of compatibility you may be able to open the models you want to use the plugin on in an old sketchup version if you can find one.
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