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Poor Man's Monitor Solution

DrCDrC0 Posts: 0Member
Still feeling my way along...

I found a more than reasonably useful solution to screen real estate for CG work. I have a fair system. Like many I have to budget my money, so cannot afford every upgrade I'd like. One way I've found to work around the problem of screen real estate without spending a thousand dollars is to use a 720 DPI 32" LED flat screen for my monitor. For modeling this is great when it comes to selecting verts and faces that are just too tiny for an old dude to see on a smaller screen. Walmart has the same model, now, that I use for $228!

I've heard the argument before about RGB quality, but really disagree. Beyond that, a 4G monitor is so expensive that it would be a choice for many to keep their abode or buy one, barring credit of course. It may be that as time goes on, I may want a higher res monitor, but this Emerson 32" has been a relieving step up for my CG work.


I'm putting this here, more to test the graphics upload capabilities in this forum's editor. (Makes me wonder if this site was created with Drupal...) Nonetheless, here's one example of some work I've created in Blender. I realize the lighting and textures could be better. This was a quickly created scene for a proposal involving climate change and housing we may need someday soon.
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