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3Dwh40k terminator

flazzaflazza0 Posts: 0Member
edited January 2014 in Work in Progress #1
It's been a while since I touched 3d

I am currently re-doing the lower area and once I am satisfied with that I am going to replace one of the arms with an assault cannon (big ass mini gun for anyone who hasnt played 40k), i will then work on other arms, weapons as well as other optional attachments.

Early days yet
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  • UK-BladeUK-Blade331 Posts: 0Member
    Nice start, good to see some 40K stuff back on here. :thumb:

    Is it me or does the termie have a slight 'cartoony' feel to it? Was the planned or am I just imagining things?

    Keep up the good work, we'll be watching.
  • flazzaflazza0 Posts: 0Member
    I think its the subdivision surface that makes it look cartoony to you, this will be corrected when the model has hard edges applied through edge weighting, i tend to do that last as I try to keep as much as possible within the hypernurb (c4d's fancy name for sub d :D) while I am building as it keeps things easily editable.

    Once unwrapped and painted I assure you the cartoony-ness will be gone. :)
  • DCBDCB331 Posts: 0Member
    Not bad. HyperNURBS wouldn't be my first choice for something like this, but you seem to be fairing quite well with it. The helmet looks a little odd to me though. A non-traditional design at least. Is that some new thing GW have put out, or just your own interpretation?
  • flazzaflazza0 Posts: 0Member
    Working in hypernurbs isnt so bad for hard surfaces, you just have to get used to working in stages and remembering to put in the hard edges when required (otherwise things look like plasticine).

    The helmet is my own muckaround, i started out with references but then I got bored, i hate copying things exact as there is not fun in that for me.

    Once I have the leg properly done will move onto the assault cannon (or heavy flamethrower, havent made up my mind yet).

    Slaped on basic shaders
  • DCBDCB331 Posts: 0Member
    Oh god, not the bloody Ultralamemarines, surely?
  • flazzaflazza0 Posts: 0Member
    Haters gonna hate :P

    Seriously, what have you got against the ultra marines?

    once I have the finished unwrapped model I am going to do multiple paint schemes on it so dont fuss so much about the temp materials I have put down on it.
  • DCBDCB331 Posts: 0Member
    Dark Angels are the one true chapter.

    Still, at least you didn't go for those emo loser Blood Angels I guess.
  • flazzaflazza0 Posts: 0Member
    Dark Angels eh?

    Havent had any time for modelling (too busy playing batman - arkham origins) but I thought I would switch it to the Dark angel base colours just for you :).
  • DCBDCB331 Posts: 0Member

    The Deathwing wear bone white armour....
  • flazzaflazza0 Posts: 0Member

    I dont really know much about Dark Angels and I stupidly copied a marine base colours, I should have google image searched the Dark Angel terminators

    Forgive me?
  • RexNoctuRexNoctu0 Posts: 0Member
    The helmet looks shortened, I mean the snout doesn't look long enough. It should come almost all the way out over the chest armor. It is a great start and I can't wait to see how it winds up.
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