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Photoshop Noise Filter Issues

Heya folks... I get no help when contacting Adobe directly, so I thought I'd post here since I know you guys are awesome, and I'd bet someone here can help...

I created a star field in Photoshop 6 (Wine/Linux, currently, but same thing happens in Windows with same program install) about 3 weeks ago to use as a background for my starship in the 3D WIPs forum threads. Everything from the noise filter, the brightness & contrast, etc. worked perfectly. The image I made was about 1000px by 600px and I wanted to make a bigger background for the final product (not that my ship is that far, just wanted to make things bigger).

ANYWAYS, the point is that when I use my noise filter now, and jump into the brightness & contrast, it doesn't do anything but add more noise, even though I have the "preview" checked and it looks the way I want it until clicking "okay". I would like to know if this is a common problem with photoshop and what I can do to get my noise/b&c working the way they should again...

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions...

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