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3DWIPEOUT 2250 : Liberty Circle Run.

softcelsoftcel0 Posts: 0Member
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Set in the Year 2250, the Aniti-Gravity Racing has been re-instated albeit slightly altered for public safety. This marks the 200 year anniversary of the sports inception. This Track is set around the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.
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  • CoolhandCoolhand272 Mountain LairPosts: 1,287Member
    Great racing games eh? nice backlit sun-setty blade-runner-y atmosphere and it has some depth, but my 2p, the lighting doesn't look right, I can't see any shadows cast on any objects, or on the smog itself and there's no highlights on anything - i'd expect to see reflections of the setting sun from certain points, and not seeing a huge amount to suggest there's a wipeout track in there, or that there's a race going on.

    Include some more action perhaps? or have a more obvious wipeout track curving around up in the air etc, perhaps spiraling around liberty. I Think that the Cruise liner is looking way out of scale, it appears as if behind liberty but the portholes are as large as liberties head! There appears to be scale issues with other boats too.
  • softcelsoftcel0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks for the insight. I'll take them into consideration. Awesome work bye the way:)
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