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3DTrimaxian Drone Ship



  • MoonhawkMoonhawk0 Posts: 0Member
    Saquist wrote: »
    What would be amazing if you could model the interior too.

    We'll see - lets see if I can get the exterior looking fairly accurate first (including the turbo mode).
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    anystar wrote: »
    yea, i agree totally.
    one recent exception for me however was the Total Recall remake, with a few exceptions of scenes they should have left out (trying too hard to grab on to the original, like the way 3boob was thrown in, or the lobby scene with the friend) i really enjoyed that one.

    The remake of Total Recall was a pile of junk as a remake.
    If you removed the 3 boob woman the lobby scene and Total Recall, it not a remake and has nothing from the original short story or film. My biggest issue with it, is that there is no mention of Mars. Okay the short story does not take place on Mars but it still a major part of the story. which they left out here. They also left out the fun of Johnny Cab and the alien mechine.

    If they had removed the parts I had mentioned and just given him a memory wipe, it would stand on it own and would not be needed to be call a remake.

    Getting back to the subject, the modell is looking great.
  • DavidChipmanDavidChipman171 Posts: 0Member
    Anxiously waiting for more! This ia a much loved movie of mine hat gets no 3D-modeling love at all (until now!)
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