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3DUSS Challenger from Dennis Bailey in C4D

trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
edited January 2013 in Finished Work #1
Hi all
I have the great object from Dennis Bailey converted to C4D.
And here it is ....
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  • Chris2005Chris2005679 Posts: 3,097Member
    Now this is a cool design... I see it incorporates features from the JJ Enterprise, while still maintaining that lovely classic overall design... this should be the Enterprise in the new movies...

    ... and it's a lovely picture.
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  • Dennis BaileyDennis Bailey407 Posts: 54Member
    Nice image.

    Interesting treatment of the nacelle domes. Do the textures and lights convert that way, or do you tweak it?
  • StarshipStarship472 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,981Member
    Great rendering Trekki!
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Thanks all.
    Dennis,C4D has set the lights so the bussards. Is this ok? Do you have more tips for me?
  • Dennis BaileyDennis Bailey407 Posts: 54Member
    I'm mainly curious - how does a C4D conversion work? Is it mostly automatic?

    The domes on the LW version, of course, are a great deal more opaque - they're set for translucence without much transparency, with a very high specular setting to create a kind of "frosted" effect.
  • tekkon7tekkon761 Posts: 0Member
    This is really good. I like the terrain too, getting it to look rugged an can be really time consuming.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1804528 Posts: 11,160Member
    That render rocks. (no pun intended ;)) I love that background and Dennis's model rocks. The setup and lighting really pull everything together nicely.
  • LonewriterLonewriter236 Posts: 1,078Member
    Nice, I like this mesh.
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Thank you all for the comments

    The terrain is a texture, sorry.

    C4D can invite LW Objeke. The textures agree unfortunately not nearly all. The materials are all wrong. Transparency must allso be slightly frosted, right?
    Greeting Trekki
  • nightfevernightfever361 Posts: 585Member
    Hey trekki, great achievement on the lighting. A little bit of indirect light from the asteroid would make it perfect.
    I like the background.
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Hi Dennis.
    I have changed the texture and material of the bussard.
    Is that ok?

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  • spacefighterspacefighter2 Posts: 0Member
    how did you make the rocks below and the background?
  • TrekMDTrekMD192 Posts: 639Member
    Just beautiful! Nicely done!
  • Dennis BaileyDennis Bailey407 Posts: 54Member
    Is it possible to make the material translucent with little or no transparency?
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Hi Dennis
    I must try it, good idea.

    here it is. the material is a subsurface Scuttering. Better ??
    Rendertime fast ....
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  • Dennis BaileyDennis Bailey407 Posts: 54Member
    I guess what I'm curious about is if there's a way, as in LW, to not have the "fan blades" visible behind the dome. The idea is that they only matter in animation, when they pass between the light and the surface of the dome.
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    next one
    New Bussard material.
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  • Ian KeldonIan Keldon0 Posts: 0Member
    ^That is just about perfect...maybe a touch more glow, but just a touch!

    You should do some orthos (fore, aft, side, top, bottom)
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Here are the orthos ...
    have fun

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  • Dennis BaileyDennis Bailey407 Posts: 54Member
    Yes, that bussard material is a great improvement.

    On those orthos, are the port (red) navigation lights not working?
  • trekkitrekki963 Posts: 1,414Member
    Hi Dennis.
    Yes he is working. In a animation sequenz as blink light.
  • Ian KeldonIan Keldon0 Posts: 0Member
    trekki wrote: »
    Here are the orthos ...
    have fun

    Many thanks!
  • LatosLatos335 Posts: 0Member
    I know i've seen the background before! I think you should credit the guy!
  • TralfazTralfaz412 Posts: 846Member
    I took a look at moodflow's site and he has some great images. Went through the 9 pages that were available and I didn't see the image in trekki's picture. Could have missed it though.

  • LatosLatos335 Posts: 0Member
    Here it is.
  • TralfazTralfaz412 Posts: 846Member
    I must have missed it completely! Problem with getting old...

    Like I said though, moodflow does some amazing stuff and I saw 1 or 2 images I wouldn't mind using as a background!

    Thanks for that link Latos.
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