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2DPen and ink ships since I can't model



  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    New art... though honestly, I thought there'd be more! Especially with all the scanning I just did.

    So the Iron Star/TCS uniforms have been throwing me for a while, I wanted them to look futuristic but also appropriate. Well, while I was on vacation I saw a ton of interesting valet, doorman, and service uniforms and they all looked quite interesting. So I was thinking a sleek service uniform (since it's a company, after all) with some militaristic/police style additions (like the badge, epilets, rank etc) might be interesting. Here's a rudimentary sketch:


    I like the idea of pairing those up with utilitarian police/emergency service trousers, of which I also saw several interesting ones. I still need to go through my photos and find them all.


    Concept for an Iron Star alien... turned out a bit more Klingon-y Cardassian-y than I expected. Thinking it might be light green, maybe a little brown.


    Found this, must have done it weeks ago. Idea for one-person self-driving pods. Didn't realize until I scanned it in how much it looked like a light cycle from Tron.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Here's some new stuff.

    This is the one I'm most jazzed about, a concept for cells/chambers:


    This feels so sci-fi. Saw it in my head and had to put it down. The issue is that while I like it, it doesn't fit the requirements of the Iron Star cell. That green "window" (really just lights behind, say, a shipping pallet or some other SF set-building staple) is too big. There's meant to be two bunks, and a desk beside them (you can kind of see that in the layout on the side). Will have to rethink that a bit. Also trying to figure out exactly how the toilet and sink fit in.

    This one I'm not so nuts about, it's an idea for Keeley's quarters on the Anubis, her actual "home." I mentally recast her and pieces of her world and life started coming into view. Was picturing something akin to my old college dorm room, loaded with mess, big window on one side, old furniture on one wall, a big window looking out into space, she's got clothes hanging on the outside of the closet, one of those shoe sheets that you hang off the back of your door, and a big curved TV mounted to the ceiling (maybe on an arm, so she can watch wherever she is). Her big thing is this bulletin board behind her desk, where she keeps pictures and souvenirs of her adventures throughout space.

    Speaking of pallets, here's a little resource. Saw these planters at a spice farm and immediately imagined them being used as cheap SF bulkhead pieces. So I made sure to grab some reference. Like the zig-zag one in particular, would fit an 80s/90s motif.

    Saw these light pillars at Logan and thought they would be kind of perfect for the Iron Star, I can see them holding up a big open section, maybe the yard or the canteen.

    Meanwhile these I can picture being the inside bulkhead of a curved, advanced Federation-style starship. Maybe instead of a concourse, there's a garden or artificial pond/lake/swimming pool there. Big gathering area for crew members.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Some random doo-dads.

    Alien faces, different Odo-esque varieties of the same person. Wasn't expecting to get so many snakes out of it.

    Toku-inspired helmet, imagining it being all black with an array of red LEDs behind the dome, allowing for a variety of expressions (though normally it's blank... I'm operating under the assumption that you wouldn't be able to see out of the LED_enabled one.

    In my head, I can actually hear a little siren noise going off when all those triangles appear. The toku helmets I draw inspiration from tend to be from the 80s and 90s, when they were stark and simple but the lights were big. Nowadays with LEDs, you could give them a wide range of expression ... if you wanted to.

    Gee, what a surprise, more space yachts. Tried putting some supercar in there, but I don't think they came out distinctive enough.

    The kind of chairs that would be in the space RV/Yachts, wanted them to have that "captain's chair" look with some different controls and different abilities than we get today (think TARS from Insterstellar wrapped in La-Z-Boy).
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    This is a bit dorky, but here's an Aliens-inspired display showing character details for the main "trinity" of the Iron Star.


    These are fun to do, it forces me to come up with ideas like their weird date system as well as the planets (Keeley used to be from Worthington, Newfoundworld until I mentally recast her). There are little things I'm not nuts about, like Keeley's charges and the digitalization effect isn't quite what I wanted, despite using the same specs that I had used before to great effect.

    And here's one I did much earlier in the year, more details, different name and different face (clearly when I had just discovered Barbara Palvin, who's got this kind of unreal "Humans" element to her face).


    Definitely looks more like the screen from Aliens. Now that I think about it, I thought of putting it in that shot. Maybe I tried and it didn't work, I can't remember.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Back to drawings!


    Inspired by a brutalist LA prison that they showed in an episode of Goliath. Started doodling it then expanding upon it, adding more weird levels to it. It's making me think of the Iron Star, obviously, but it wouldn't fit inside there. Was also trying to add a little capsule hotel in there as well.


    Trying to design some pillars and towers that might fit that design above. Not nuts about them.


    And some water fountains. The circular idea is interesting, but probably too expensive to be practical.


    And a costume design for Shootingstars, I had this idea that the hero's mom would have been an ass-kicker herself back in the day, so I was thinking "who'd be right for that role?" Obvious answer, the Pink Power Ranger. So I tried to draw her and turn one of her iconic outfits from the show into this futuristic and slightly post-apocalyptic outfit for a flashback where we her species come to Earth for the first time.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Keep in truckin'!


    Massive space trucks at the bottom, my fave part. Saw some trucks on Amazon (die cast, of course) and started riffing on the shapes and curves and they became these big ships.

    Also got some flying cars, the one man limo was something I was thinking of, I wanted to do a shuttlecraft in the style of the old BMW Isetta. I don't think this is it, but I do like it. The PT Cruiser looking thing might work in a retro-future world (like Fifth Element), while that wedge shape might work for a more Syd Mead-y future.


    I'm really happy with that unintentional dog design, since after the last Divergent movie I wanted to do a ship that looks like a cat (because I think one of their spaceships looked like a cat).


    Flying luxury cars, including a design that would fit along nicely with the cricket cab I designed ages ago.

    And a minivan looking thing. Maybe I'll revamp this to be a 2600 shuttlepod type craft.
  • StarCruiserStarCruiser0 Posts: 0Member
    You may not be able to "model" but, your doodling skills are quite impressive...
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Some new stuff! Very different stuff.

    First, in keeping with my love of slightly-retro sci-fi:

    I saw these styrofoam planks in refrigerator boxes and they reminded me of the ways that monitors used to be hidden behind "techno-walls." The planks were just big enough to put a plasma behind (the sea green represents "screen," and I realized you could put simpler, starker animations in each slot.

    A "Red Judge," this dude was lit from behind and it made him look like he was glowing red. With all those wrinkles, it didn't take much to turn him into an alien.

    A weird Lexx-y/Cronenberg-y idea, 80s businessmen looking like 80s computers.

    And finally, I mentioned in Pixelmagic's awesome Enterprise-A thread that I thought his corridors would look cool in black, so I did a quick little photoshop on them. I think these look damn good.
  • publiusrpubliusr252 Posts: 1,271Member
  • Hunter GHunter G257 Posts: 352Member
    Jeez I always leave for a bit and I miss all the good stuff! Loving this thread!

    That Enterprise A corridor looks fantastic!
  • komarokomaro269 CanadaPosts: 715Member
    Can I do some of your 2D in 3D ? Do you have restrictions on your design, apart proper credit ?
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Are you kidding? ABSOLUTELY you can model whatever you want. Yeah, gimme credit but other than that, do what you gotta. Do an accurate version, do a remix, whatever! Which are you interested in, or do you want it to be a surprise?

    What restrictions do you mean? Like, The Iron Star is something I intend to use in the future, I designed it for a series I'm writing. Trek stuff is up in the air, and anything else... we'll see, I'm pretty lenient.
  • komarokomaro269 CanadaPosts: 715Member
    ok, I will check them out. I am kind of tired of making mines for the moment. I will keep you updated.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Here's a breakdown of the inside of the Iron Star, a basic idea of what's where and how it all connects together. Been meaning to do this for a while.


    And some simpler half-done possibilities that were taking up space in my clipboard.

    An interplanetary ferry, inspired by the lights and shapes of an old proper ferry.

    I guess this is a stealth truck? If you wanted to transport goods without being detected.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Some more space yacht goodness.

    A low poly lambo space yacht on top and a more rudimentary block-y one below... unfinished, of course. Not quite sure what to do with the nose. I did have an idea of mashing up the yacht rears with the truck fronts, but I gotta find the right parts first. These were me riffing off images in a yacht magazine I got recently.

    As are these, a few bits and pieces. One thing I added was that little face, looking at the Enterprise-A bridge renders on here, I couldn't help but see a face in the pylons. Had to doodle him.
  • komarokomaro269 CanadaPosts: 715Member
    You can see your ship in 3D here BlueNeumann. Not sure if you like the name. Feel free to give your input. I am unsure if the hull section is something that you like or not (I am unsure myself about it).
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    It's so cool! Do what feels right, especially with that ship since there's quite a bit undefined in those sketches. Whatever works the best way is the right answer. The scalpel-shaped hull section might be a bit odd, but if the ship is futuristic enough, it could hold a vertical deflector strip (in the style of a supercar like this, for example)


    or in stripes like on the Dauntless

  • komarokomaro269 CanadaPosts: 715Member
    I like the stripe. But I will change the hull part. I don't like the bottom part that much...Thanks for the input
  • komarokomaro269 CanadaPosts: 715Member
    Update for you
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Some stuff.

    Design for the "captain chairs' in the Sprinter, my space winnebago. Well, one of MANY designs for the chairs. Definitely inspired by late 80s/early 90s motifs, particularly the pillows my sister has in her van from the same era. Getting that look right was real tricky, they're very difficult to find let alone reproduce. I urged my sister to keep them or donate them to a prop house because it's the kind of genuine tackiness that'd be lost to time since no one likes it, so no one keeps them.

    Control sticks for the Sprinter. Not nuts about them, but I want them to be free-standing and podium-like because of the simplicity of the set. I like the idea of it being a mix of old-schooll lights and a display screen.

    An upper deck of a ship, yacht-inspired for sure but I'm not quite sure what goes beneath the neck.

    Ship spines, inspired by yachts of course, thinking I would have these on standby if I had a design that didn't quite feel "ship' enough, I could slap these on the back for a sense of scale or as greebling.

    And this little ship thing. Not a yacht, for once, so I'm sure you're all happy about that. Not quite sure what it is. It just willed itself into existence.
  • oldmangregoldmangreg131 Woodland Hills, CAPosts: 1,334Member
    Last one reminds me of the Normandy for some reason.
    Your right to an opinion does not make your opinion valid.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Probably because it looks like the Normandy, which is probably why I wasn't happy with it (I love the Normandy, I just don't like being too derivative).
  • komarokomaro269 CanadaPosts: 715Member
    It's so cool! Do what feels right, especially with that ship since there's quite a bit undefined in those sketches. Whatever works the best way is the right answer. The scalpel-shaped hull section might be a bit odd, but if the ship is futuristic enough, it could hold a vertical deflector strip (in the style of a supercar like this, for example)


    or in stripes like on the Dauntless

    Vertical deflector would be different. I did a deflector with a glass top and was really nice. Maybe I will try that variation.

    I found out that nobody ever did the Dauntless stripes in a physical form. They are always made in textures only. And there is a good reason for that: 3D software hates doing 90+ degree corners with extrusions and bevels. I tried it and it was a mess...

    There is maybe doing a boolean and adding pieces apart. that would be the last solution.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Done more writing than drawing in the last few days... but been really productive! Here's some stuff.

    Riffing on super sentai and tokusatsu designs. They're kinda nice but not quite "leading man" designs, you know?

    And wonderful new things, the CARETAKERS.

    These gangly, tall machines take care of the universes "abandoned" children in a mysterious place called "Sanctuary." It's a strange, empty village in perpetual darkness that, needless to say, messes you up for life.

    A Caretaker teaches a class. Did a doodle of the kids trying to watch but it didn't turn out that great.

    and finally, a moodboard for the Iron Star, from a South American prison show called "Vis A Vis."


    Love the strong yellow elements, might use something like that in the Iron Star interiors if I go a darker route (the darker elements could have a post-TNG flair to them, with the textures and so on. I dunno). It's also making me want to design hoodie jackets for the girls, even though they're in an enclosed climate controlled space station and presumably wouldn't need them.
  • komarokomaro269 CanadaPosts: 715Member
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Been a while, I've got art in pieces all about the place. Been doing a lot of writing and developing, particularly with some more characters for the Iron Star.


    Some more riffing on Metal Hero helmets. Did a couple designs for suits and so on, but nothing inspired or interesting. Matching the tokusatsu style is one thing, finding a "leading man" design is trickier.


    Drawn while watching Passengers, wanted to fuse a little Trek into the designs. I like the idea of putting some LCARS on a glass panel.


    Another Trek ship, the Mirage.


    Storyboard for Iron Star. Toying with new characters, one of them is a blue alien called Aquila. A nightmare -- or perhaps a psychic vision -- causes her to bolt up awake in the middle of the night.
  • RekkertRekkert1756 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 1,991Member
    I love those consoles designs! Great stuff!
    For my finished Trek bridges and other works of mine, visit my portfolio
    Feel free to contact me if you're interested in commissions!​
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    I attended Wizard World Con today and picked up a couple ships... I'd wanted a Normandy for a while and I found a good one at a good size. I'd kinda wanted an SR-2 more than an SR-1, but I'm still quite satisfied. I also found this other ship I'd never seen before, the Prowler from Halo. I just saw this futuristic black fighter jet and knew I had to have it.

    But there's also a 3D printing booth there where they make the models and print them out. So I'm thinking I'll get something made, either the Iron Star or one of the space yachts. Unless one of you have a better idea.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Just one little thing, some rough rough ideas for the fighter jet from Shootingstars:


    I'm not nuts about these, but I owe you guys something.

    Also, I got the new Syd Mead book in the mail last night. Read through it today and it was amazing, especially all of these unmade projects I had never heard of (there was going to be a Jetsons movie and he was designing it?)... so naturally I'm rather inspired, and yet still haven't created much new stuff.
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann326 Posts: 1,075Member
    Some control panels:



    Inspired by an 80s rack system, very square and solid. The screens would have very simple wireframe animations, the buttons would have a little light behind them.
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