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Homemade Costumes

BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
edited August 2017 in General Discussion #1
Back in 2010, I created a costume for Halloween based on a Star Wars RPG character I designed, his name is Darth Tirarr and he is a Dark Jedi, fallen from the graces of the Jedi order and relishing in the darkside. His face was severely burned during a plasma explosion, thus adding to his foreboding appearance. These are pictures taken at a Halloween party last year, I didnA’t get any pictures in 2010, so I wore it again in 2011 just to get some pics.




In this last picture, you can see the make-up job before I got fully dressed. I also did the make-up; however, it did not come out as good as it did the in 2010.


I also did the left side of my face in 2010 and the right side in 2011, oops!

At this same party, one of my friends went as the Joker, he wanted it to be his own version, so he did a prohibition era Joker.



My cousin attended this same party, I made her Harley Quinn costume to match with his Joker. It is a combination of the Arkum City Harley and a prohibition era A“Clapper.A”



Her she is with her A“PuddinA’.A”


While we are on the subject of the Joker and his main squeeze. Many years ago I made my own Batman costume, it has seen better days since this picture was snapped. Being a bit large myself, I asked a friend to model it for me.


There you have it, just some of the costumes I have created or helped create over the past few years or so. I welcome the rest of the forum community to post pictures of their own homemade costumes. Give a brief description of what it is (if not obvious), and why you made it.

Looking forward to seeing some great ideas.
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  • MauimanMauiman0 Posts: 4Member
    That is very great work you done there BMC Well done. Love the batman costumes.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    The Star Wars costume is entirely hand made, sewn and assembled by me. The Harley skirt and all the Batman costume, except for the mask and body suit is hand made as well. I scrounged up a few odds and ends from various resources for the accessories. The Batman belt buckle came from a Super Soaker set I bought many years ago.

    I'm really hoping to see others work, but thanks for the compliment.

    In the past couple of years, I have been applying my skills to tactical gear for Airsoft players, if interested, you can find me on under the same name. A lot of my work has been featured here and there on that forum.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    It's that time of year again, I've got two Halloween parties to attend and it was time to pull the batsuit out of moth balls and revamp it. I plan to create my own version of the TDK and TDKR suits; however, I am not trying to duplicate then, just draw some inspiration from them and several other concepts I have seen online. Anyway, I have started the reconstruction, here are a few pics of what I have so far.

    Neck Protector


    With cape


    Chest Emblem

  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Minor update, finished the Upper Arm and Elbow Guards.



    More to come.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Minor update, I found that being fat creates issues when trying to create my new suit; therefore, I found it necessary to do something about it. No, I didn’t try to lose weight; although I do need to do so. Instead, I took a quicker route to the solution I needed. I made a Super Girdle. Yes, you can laugh, I sure did, especially when my first attempt kind of went awry, I used a flat buckle to reduce the bulge, but as it turned out, they didn’t have the strength to hold up to the pressure of my gut trying to push its way out, especially when I coughed. That’s when the buckles broke and shot across the room.

    Anyway, here’s a few pics. These are me before the girdle.



    Here’s me after the girdle, I originally tried it with the buckles in front.



    As seen from the back and side with the buckles in front.



    Then I got the bright idea of turning it around.



    I originally designed it to work as both a girdle and back support; however, turning it around worked better as a girdle, but it still gave some support to the back, just not as much as it had when the buckles were in the front.

    I also got the shoulder guards finished, sort of, I will post pics of them when I have the entire arm finished, including my gauntlets and gloves.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Finished the arms from the upper arms down to the gloves. Starting on the chest and back next.

  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    I thought you guys might like a look at the process, sort of, of how I make the parts for the costume. This first picture shows the foam templates I draw up to give me the shape and look of each piece. This is the back of the suit, I have the neck and shoulder parts already made, then there is the shoulder blade covers and the spinal column protectors. These will be attached to a harness system. I was originally going to use a vest idea; however, I realized this would not work as it will create too much bulk and limit movement.


    The next picture is the foam pieces covered with cloth. I use two different fabrics and a webbing for the edge; however, I ran out of my original outer fabric and found something similar, but it is a bit shinier. I may have to find some way to dull it down depending on how much of a difference there really is between the two fabrics.


    I start the front next; however, I still have the sidepieces that wrap from front to back, but they will have to wait until the front is done, as the length of these is determined by the amount of space left between the front and the back.

    Then there is still the codpiece and butt piece, the upper legs and knee guards and the boots, the utility belt, and finally the cowl, which is proving to be harder than I wanted it to be, but that’s because of what I want versus what I can make. Oh, well, if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    A minor update, here are the chest piece and abdominal pieces. Next is the basic assembly of these and the back pieces to a harness and then the sidepieces to finish the torso. After this, the legs and boots, then the utility belt, and finally the cowl, which is still giving me issues as I want to go with the helmet style without resorting to some store bought vinyl mask, which never seems to fit me correctly.


    Here is my old suit, with me in it; this was my son’s first Halloween. As you can see, it’s Fatman and Batmite. LOL! :D


    Stay tuned, more to come, same Bat-time, same Bat-station.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Toady was a frustrating day. I’ve been pricked three time by pins while doing the test assembly. Then, when I gave the belt pouches another coat of paint, the paint started to crinkle. Just before this, I became irritated because the chest emblem did not glue to the chest piece and therefore peeled off while test fitting. If that weren’t enough, I had to tear the chest piece apart and cut off a about a half of an inch from each side of the chest piece where it goes under my arms and up to my shoulders. What that means is I had to cut off the extra material, tear out two sets of stitches, which were double stitched, and then add new edging and sew it all back together.

    Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the test assembly; more to come as things develop.


  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Got bored at work last night, so I combined my 3D work with the costume, sort of. Anyway, here is a little video, enjoy.

  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Front of upper torso is assembled; even with the girdle, I look fat. By the way, with the girdle, I reduce my waist by 6 inches, from 48” to 42”, that’s quite a bit, but the padding puts it right back. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all, more to come.



  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Completed the Torso and Arms, now working on the lower body, from the waist down.


  • IRMLIRML176 Posts: 0Member
    just noticed this, pretty good looking make up on the first page (the 2010 one), impressive
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    IRML, Thank you, would you believe it's just cheap tissues and rubber cement with grease paint over the base.

    A minor update before I go to sleep. I started on the butt piece and completed the back of the upper torso. I am becoming increasingly frustrated as this gets closer to completion because it seems like more and more wants to keep going wrong. None-the-less, I will complete it and hopefully by the end of next week or Friday the 19th. I have a Halloween party on the 20th and the 27th that I plan to attend in costume, so wish me luck, I’m going to need it.


  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Still progressing, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.






  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Got the boots finished today, and the new cape (no picture available yet); however, I still have the belt and cowl to finish. Belt should be done by tomorrow, just waiting for paint to dry. The cowl is another story, but soon, very soon.



    Here’s a look at the whole kit and kaboodle so far.

  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Belts done, but has some issues that I need to address, no pics yet.

    Began work on the cowl, started with a “mold” of my head, then built the actual cowl on top of it. Once this is fully dried, I will “paint” it with a rubberized coating to give it strength and rigidity. Wish me luck.







  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    As usual, disaster strikes at the last moment. For whatever reason, the coating caused the glue to let go and the cowl split. Now I need to start over. More to come.



  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    I tried to redo the cowl; my second attempt was less than fruitful.



    However, as I was working on my third attempt and talking to a friend, I decided to go a different direction and fix my original cowl. It worked, but it is not exactly what I wanted, I cannot just take it off and put it on. Either way, the costume is finished; here it is in its entirety. Sorry, I was not going to shave until the day of the party.








  • EBOLIIEBOLII177 Posts: 325Member
    turned out good
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Thank you, there still a few things I might change in the future because of issues I am discovering each time I try to put this thing on, but they'll have to wait. I need it on Saturday the 27th.

    When doing this last test fit, it took the help of another person to get it on, that is one thing I must change. I need to be able to put it on by myself.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member

    This is a pic as I appeared at the party. I may try to get some better ones this weekend.
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Finally got around to cleaning up my sewing room after the Halloween party; I was trying to figure out how to store my costume and decided the best way was to simply display it. So, I built a stand. This allowed me to take some picture of the costume and know what I was getting as I took them. Here is the results.










  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    For all the views this thread has received, I was hoping to see some member's pics of their homemade costumes. Come on guys, we're all a bunch of Sci-fi geeks, I know you've got some halloween or Cosplay costumes floating around. Let's see 'em. :lol:
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_180647 Posts: 8,449Member
    I wouldn't even know where to start making a costume. ;)

    However, the reason I'm posting is to say that I think that bat suit is fantastic. Great work. :D
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks, evil, good to see you again.
  • everything4meeverything4me0 Posts: 0Member
    That`s so cool :D Really like the idea ! Nice ! I remember that one man was driving a car in the same look alike costume and he was stopped by police. It is so funny when such kind of characters are violation the law :D
  • BoogerMcBoogerMc171 Posts: 0Member
    Photobucket has stopped allowing third party sharing unless you're willing to pay $400/year. So, no more Photobucket account and no pictures until I get time to address the issue.
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