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AnimationSecond Empire - A Dalek Tale

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I am working on a 3D series called Second Empire a story about the Daleks from the science fiction show Doctor Who these Daleks are slightly different in terms of their look and the way they behave they have more personality and names it is based on a 3D comic done by a Chap called Mechmaster you can view his work here

and the comic itself can be read here

I am with the kind permission of Mechmaster turning the comic into a 3D series i do not or have not claimed to make these models myself and they are used with his permission all i do is rigg them and animate them i occasionally change a model for animation purposes or build a new set for sequences that work in animation but not in still form equally there are scenes from the comic that dont work in animation form so far Episode 1,2 and 3 have been done they can be found here

Episode 1 Part 1
Episode 1 part 2
Episode 2 part 1
Episode 2 part 2
Episode 3

Episode 4: Rendered, editing and awaiting score and sound mix
Episode 5: Rendered, editing and awaiting score and sound mix
Episode 6: Rendered, editing and awaiting score and sound mix
Episode 7: rough cut done with 50% of shots rendered
Episode 8: 75% of shots done
Episode 9: 25% of shots done
Episode 10: only 2 shots done

The comic is not finished yet so i am not sure how many episodes there will be ive story boarded about 20 episodes each is about 15 - 20 minutes each with a cliff hanger

I am looking for help with the project as i dont have as much time as id like to work on it anyone who uses Cinema 4D release 11 or above that wants to help please get in touch

Any and all comments welcome ive attached some images ive taken from different episodes
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