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2D[Traveller:ATU] Versi Star System Map

Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
edited May 2011 in Work in Progress #1
This map is going to be of the Versi system, the Capital and Home System of the Versis Star Imperium.

I'm using GIMP 2.6.

I made the Sun by making a layer that was 500x500 px and then filling it with the plasma script, then using the colorizing tool made it all a bright yellow. I then used the map object script to make it a sphere, then ran the drop shadow scripted to make the glow; repeating it several times increasing the radios each time. I then merged all the shadow layers and moved that layer above the sun layer and adjusted the transparency until it look right.

The blue line is a guide to place the planets along, so that I get a nice curve to their placement.

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  • AresiusAresius359 Posts: 4,170Member
    Nice work there, looking forward to it.
  • Andrew BoultonAndrew Boulton0 Posts: 0Member
    Sounds like a lot of work for the sun - couldn't you do it by by blurring a circle, then putting a smaller, unblurred one on top?
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