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3DWostok - Gagarins vessel

tobiasrichtertobiasrichter333 Posts: 0Member
edited March 2011 in Work in Progress #1
Now - for something completely different... I was tasked to build and animate a few sequences with Juri Gagarins vessel, the Wostok. The flight took place on the 12th of april 1961 - so it will have its 50th anniversary very soon.

ItA’s quite different from the usual trek stuff, but itA’s nice to actually build something thatA’s been in space. It has fairly easy shapes, but lots of details that IA’ll try to incorporate. I plan to have the model done by the start of next week.

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  • cavebearcavebear178 Posts: 623Member
    Cool:thumb: You've probably seen one of scifi-meshes members write "Nobody does Greeble like NASA". Well, I'd have to say that the Soviets were right up there with NASA when it came to greebles :) You might have your work cut out for you! Looks very nice so far.
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior197 Posts: 797Member
    EXCELLENT. I was just thinking about this sort of thing. For myself, I have been refferencing the Apollo Command Module.
  • ChanurChanur191 53.33° N / 10.00° EPosts: 305Member
    Man, i remember this ship well, for it was my first space-related model kit when i was a child back in the 70s!! :D
    You make me feel old ;)
    Well done!
  • StarshipStarship388 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,918Member
    It brings back old memories...
    Well executed sir!
  • IRMLIRML250 Posts: 1,993Member
    am I the only one that thought it was called vostok?

    great work anyway, I didn't realise how old school sci-fi this thing looked, what are those green tank things?
  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    @ IRML - In the English speaking world it was called the Vostok, but as Tobias and Chanur are in Germany I suspect their closer to the Russian spelling.

    Great project Tobias. And off to a good start. It's nice that someone is taking the time to remember the beginnings of space flight. We spend so much time on the fictional, and often forget about the real world science and hard work that made these things possible.

    Like you said only 50 years ago the idea of a man in space was still only a dream. Any only a short time before that we'd never even gotten anything into orbit. Until Russia dared to do it, there was no space flight, or communications via satellite. Just imagine how much of our current technology uses the principals developed back then.
  • L2KL2K0 Posts: 0Member
    spelling varies from countries to countries... exactly like the wodka

    sweet to see something that really flies :)
  • IRMLIRML250 Posts: 1,993Member
    I had no idea, you learn a new thing every day
  • TaidremTaidrem67 Posts: 279Member
    The model isn't exact all not correctly!

  • tobiasrichtertobiasrichter333 Posts: 0Member
    Taidrem - the model is as exact as the data I have and the timeframe allows. But I think I am very close to the real craft. The drawing you posted is one of my bases to the measurement.

    Chanur - thanks a lot. Fortunately, I have some nice photographs of the capsule, but there were a few news pics in some of the links. I have that model kit right here and built it - itA’s quite a pain to build, as itA’s pretty old and probably warped by now. And itA’s not really accurate, but it gives a nice overall sense of the ship.

    I have finished the lower part - now I need to tackle all the detail in the mid section...
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior197 Posts: 797Member
    Looking great Tobias!
  • TaidremTaidrem67 Posts: 279Member
    Here now it is more similar, on the original. Only do not forget that all the same, the east, is the Russian ship. And our technics is a little negligent, therefore add scratches of a dent and a shabby paint. And then it will be really similar. Simply I happened in a museum of astronautics and saw the original east, it is not strongly similar. But all good luck to you.
  • ElowanElowan0 Posts: 0Member
    Pagrin wrote: »
    @ IRML - In the English speaking world it was called the Vostok, but as Tobias and Chanur are in Germany I suspect their closer to the Russian spelling.

    Nyet, It's still 'vostok' in Russian and it means 'east'.
  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    Nyet, It's still 'vostok' in Russian and it means 'east'.

    Arrr well my chance to learn something new. Ta':)
  • commandersozocommandersozo444 Posts: 607Member
    that's where star trek began.....isn't it?!
  • tobiasrichtertobiasrichter333 Posts: 0Member
    Not exactly - Gagarins flight was 1961, Star Trek first aired 1966.

    Finished modelling today, this was quite a pain with all the tubes and pipes on the outside. Americans would have probably shielded all that, but since the flight lastet only about an hour, there might be not the need for it.

    The green tanks are for oxygen and nitrogen.

    As for the name - well, in germany itA’s spelled with a W.

    Tomorrow IA’ll adjust the materials and add some textures.
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior197 Posts: 797Member
    Looks great.
  • TaidremTaidrem67 Posts: 279Member
    HERE now I write in Russian the ship name! Write down))


    ВОСТОК - 1
  • TaidremTaidrem67 Posts: 279Member
    real foto Vostok-1f.jpg kosmos+023.jpg and real for museum
  • TaidremTaidrem67 Posts: 279Member
    and new russian ship end KLiper 2012 Cliper02.jpg Kliper_next_shuttles_top.jpg
  • commandersozocommandersozo444 Posts: 607Member
    Not exactly - Gagarins flight was 1961, Star Trek first aired 1966.

    yep, but with gagarins flight the trek to the stars for mankind was started.... that's what i would to state!

    btw, awesome stuff as always, tobias! look forward....
  • tobiasrichtertobiasrichter333 Posts: 0Member
    Ok, IA’m pretty much done with this ship - now I have to figure out a few nices camera moves while it is in orbit...

    If anyone has a schematic how the capsule was oriented in each step of the flight, IA’d love to see it.
  • tobiasrichtertobiasrichter333 Posts: 0Member
    Thank you - interesting piece of history. Do you know if the capsule was tumbling all the way while being in orbit? I donA’t think that would make much sense, or at least it would make the turning maneuver to fire the retro rocket obsolete.
  • TaidremTaidrem67 Posts: 279Member
    Well precisely to tell how then flied cosmonauts can only we will assume leonov, it was one of candidates into place Gagarina and by the way it is still live. But for certain to answer this question very difficult. Besides then there were others absolutely technologies.
  • publiusrpubliusr425 Posts: 1,592Member
    I think this site has some type of contest you might send this to

    Now we know the inspiration for Dr. Who's Sontaran ships.

    My guess was that Sputnik III probably inspired the Daleks
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