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3DWarhammer 40k Rhino

RegulusBlackRegulusBlack0 Posts: 0Member
edited March 2011 in Work in Progress #1
hello everyone, wanted to show you my WH40k Space marine Rhino that I have been working on. Currently the untextured version.


any thoughts, either negative or positive would be awesome.
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  • UK-BladeUK-Blade171 Posts: 0Member
    Welcome to SFM and the 40K club...:D

    Top notch Rhino, lets hope the Fabricator General approves of the 'alterations' from the STC rhino. :)

    I like them, feels it makes it a little more advanced.

    Keep up the good work.

    Are we going to see any textures on it? Bl**dy things have been giving my nightmares (they're also the reason i haven't updated my WIP in a while:mad:)

    Any chapters in mind?

    Carry on.

  • RegulusBlackRegulusBlack0 Posts: 0Member
    Thx UK for the feedback

    was working on Texturing earlier, im not going to go with a specific chapter currently, mostly just trying to get these finalized. (i have Space marines, Terminators, Dreadnaughts, DropPods, DropShips, Predators, Scouts, Speeders, and currently modeling the environment) i'll post some of my work here soon.

    i was really inspired by Jas, Andrea1969, and Estraga's work so i tried it out for myself.

    I'll post more pics later on.

  • UK-BladeUK-Blade171 Posts: 0Member
    So you're not inspired by my work :o :(


    Only kidding, I'm in awe of Jas's(?) work, truly inspiring. When I grow up I'd like to be as good as him.....:p

    Right back to your mesh, nice texturing, just a couple of little points.

    Have you been using the painted models for ref?
    Just it looks very similar, which is understandable, I use a lot for ref too, but don't you feel the wear is a little even?
    Its mainly around the edges, quite evenly spread, with very little damage to the larger parts. Plus it doesn't account for areas which would naturally get more damage due to the position eg along the bottom edges, the front and the tracks.

    Don't get me wrong I like your model, I'm just been picky. :D

    Keep up the good work, hopefully I might have some updates for my wip soon.

  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    The model looks pretty good to me. Can we see some wires?

    The textures in the second pic aren't doing much for me, but Marine paint schemes are all fairly dull as a general rule. The IG certainly have one over them in that regard.
  • Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
    Impact dents on the hull would be easy.
    The gunshield with that gaping space seems odd. Would make the gunner a prime target.
    I lovedddddd the track work! Maybe place spare treads pieces on the hull for field repairs, would give a utilitarian aura.
  • RegulusBlackRegulusBlack0 Posts: 0Member
    Thx Again Guys for the feedback:

    UK-Dont think for a second that i did not take your models into consideration while trying to make mine, your comments here and on other places as well as your skill set are very much appreciatted.:D

    This was just the first pass, am going to add more scratch/dent to the front and the bottom as well as burn marks and possibly bullet holes.

    DCB-im sorta torn as far as the coloring/specularity of the vehicles. having served in the US infantry i know that all of our textures on vehicles (paint) were a very dull coloring (basically a matte camo pattern) and even the Bradleys had a matte coating to reduce the metal shine.

    However i agree that IG have a much broader range of colors, patterns and emblems to choose from.

    Fre-Yeah im going to slap some more damage markers around the hull, i like the track peices idea as well, i was thinking of adding rolled up camo netting, spare munitions boxes, etc. The mount i'm thinking of redoing (i agree that the gap is probably too large, just didnt want to cut too far into the gun to become too unrealistic, i will work on it some)

    Thx again guys for your feedback.
  • RegulusBlackRegulusBlack0 Posts: 0Member
    Switching Gears here is a pic of my Thunderhawk Gunship



    Still missing Bump/Spec and Scratch/Dent Maps, let me know what you guys think.
  • Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
    regulus, that is one mean looking aircraft. good job again
  • alpha_omegaalpha_omega0 Posts: 0Member
    Wow! Super job on the Rhino (and the Thunderhawk)! Like DBC, I'd love to see some wireframes of the Rhino - I always like to see how others approach modeling - and I can always use some ideas to improve my own rhinos! :P
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