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3DMy own gundam

HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
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With my Limited experience in 3d I took a try at character modeling.... which was a character indeed, but nowhere close to what I wanted.... So as a inbetween a Mecha, or more specfically a gundam seems simpler.... if this is true I dunno :) but here's what I got so far! :)

PS. don't mind the enviroment... I did that in 2 minutes :)

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  • fluxfirefluxfire181 Posts: 604Member
    Its an interesting start so far. Though personally i think the metal paint shouldn't be as reflective as you have it seems to much like a toy..but that's me.. I think you have a great start so far on this one. Is this one from the 008 series?
  • HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
    I have no idea really :) I just took some reference here and there and giving my own twist :) It is more practice then a likeness to any one model :) Granted, I think most reference came for the 008 series you mentioned :)
  • Lizzy777Lizzy7771388 PNWPosts: 761Member
    The hardest part will probably the stylized Gundam head. Especially the face.
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  • VALKYRIE013VALKYRIE013547 Posts: 1,473Member
    hmm, if you need some references to a particular one is a good place for quality scans of some mecha, front, side, back etc. especally from the MG instruction sheets..

    looking good so far, and good luck! included my atempt at a gundam.. need to go back and referbish her if i get in the mood!
  • HaturodHaturod0 Posts: 0Member
    Thank you both for your replies :)

    And yes struggling with the face atm :)

    Nice site for referene! thanks! :)
  • tetsujintetsujin0 Posts: 0Member
    I guess everybody has their own approach to this sort of thing... Certainly using the ortho views from the MG manuals as valk13 suggested is one way to go. Personally I feel like it's sort of cheating, though. A MG kit design represents one particular 3-D adaptation of the robot design. Sometimes I don't even like those particular renditions, so in those cases I'd rather come up with my own.
    For my Zaku mesh, no such reference existed anyway, so I made my own on graph paper. And still it wasn't quite right until I tweaked it on the computer for a while, but I think that can be a good way to go. It's pretty easy to tweak things on paper - easier, perhaps, than tweaking a 3-D model on the computer if you're relatively new to CG modeling as I am.
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