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  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior207 Posts: 815Member
    Looking great Jas.
  • DCBDCB331 Posts: 0Member
    Interesting that you aren't adding any basic chest muscle definition before going into ZBrush. I'm not overly familiar with the process, having mainly seen it being used for games to generate normal maps. Are you planning on importing the actual final ZBrush mesh back into Max, or will a normal map be sufficient?
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    @Road Warrior:

    Thanks mate !


    I chose not to define any basic muscle definition when exporting to ZBrush, .... Sculpting works better if you keep any base model as simple as possible, so long as you keep your base mesh clean, and preferably structured as quads when importing into ZB. I mainly wanted the extremities defined in MAX (particularly the head) for accuracy reasons, ... whereas his muscle definition is best sculpted using a Pen Tablet within ZBrush ...

    I may export him as a high res model from ZBrush back to MAX for best results, which would be OK for doing STILL renders, .. It will just take longer to render, but worth it, as I don't plan to do any animation for him (at this time).... Normal Maps would be the way to go for Animation.

    What you see in the TALOS WIP 006 pic (Post #31) for the main body is only to export out into ZBrush, .. That will then be replaced with the resulting base model after sculpting is done, and exported back into MAX, (if I were to use Normal maps) ...

  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    TALOS WIP 006 - Updated & TALOS WIP 007 (new)

    Updated the base model for WIP 006, and was testing out a few details for Sculpting Talos Head / Helmet seen in WIP 007 ...


    *EDIT* - WIP 007 Updated > Post #51

    *EDIT 2* - Removed WIP 006 completely, as I've decided to save full length renders for later ...
  • L2KL2K0 Posts: 0Member
    good start :)

    i dont know if your max base mesh will work, specially in the shoulders, if you have to bake it back into normal maps.
  • ChrisGFXChrisGFX362 GermanyPosts: 607Member
    wow ... thats great work!
  • UK-BladeUK-Blade331 Posts: 0Member
    Fantastic work, Jas :thumb:

    Although we'd be surprised if your work was anything less ;)

    Carry On!
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior207 Posts: 815Member
    .......Awesome. Nice work Jas.
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    TALOS WIP 007 - Updated

    Cheers Guys ! ... Made an adjustment to Talos's Beard ... Also forgot to mention that these are just snapshots within ZBrush, ... Renders will be done back in MAX, where I can have better Lighting and Material control for his final look, ....

    Even though this was an initial sculpt test, some details will remain and others improved ... First though, the rest of Talos will have his main sculpting done before finalising surface detail ...

    @ L2K:

    The base mesh structure will obviously change once sculpting is done and exported back out to MAX ....


    *EDIT* WIP 007 Updated Post #51
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    Wow it looks absolutely stunning now even though it's not finished :thumb: I like the way you captured the details on the beard. Ah well, everything looks fine ! Will you be modelling Ray for a complete picture ? :D
  • DCBDCB331 Posts: 0Member
    He will be required to animate Ray animating Talos!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]2 Posts: 3Member
    Binkerman wrote: »
    Ray Harryhausen, the special effects master and living legend who has inspired countless people around the world, including many of the biggest names in movie making, turned 90 years old this year .... Every time I hear his name I get catapulted back to my childhood to unforgettable scenes that left me in awe of his work, ...

    Three movies that had a big impact on me, ... Jason and the Argonauts (1963), Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977), and Clash of the Titans (1981) ... are proudly part of my movie collection, and throughout the years continue to enjoy watching them ...

    So I've chosen to start a thread as a tribute to the man that defines what Fantasy & Adventure is all about, and just my way to say thanks for all those wonderful memories that fire up our imagination ...

    I plan to model some of the famous characters Ray created:

    TALOS (Jason and the Argonauts - 1963)
    MINATON (Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger - 1977)
    MEDUSA (Clash - 1981)
    CYCLOPS (7th Voyage of Sinbad - 1958)
    HYDRA (Argonauts - 1963)
    SKELETONS (Argonauts - 1963)

    Not necessarily in that order, but starting with Talos ... .... I will keep all the different WIP in this one thread.There are other great characters by Ray of course, so I may do more down the track, ...

    So I hope you enjoy the WIP pics as these characters take shape, and for some of you, .. take a trip down memory lane !! ....

    Below is an Intro Pic to get an idea visually what I plan to do, and the first WIP pic to kick things off ....


    Jas Link To Full Size Pic Link To Full Size Pic

    The attached image below is only a thumbnail to display with the Thread title ...
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    TALOS WIP 007 - Updated again

    Something didn't look right with the ZBrush renders from WIP 007, ... and realised I hadn't rendered them with perspective ON ... which gave the head a distorted shape to what it was supposed to look like, ... so after doing some more improvements, ... WIP 007 has now been updated again with these new renders ...


    Cheers mate, ... though as mentioned above, I forgot to enable a render setting so they looked a bit odd ... these new renders now give the correct appearance ... Hmm model Ray ... you never know :p


    Heh .. Funny concept :lol:


    Thanks, .. Hope you enjoy the updates !!


    *EDIT* - WIP 007 updated > Post #51
  • ChrisGFXChrisGFX362 GermanyPosts: 607Member
    wow ... great details!

    man I think I need to learn ZBrush :)
  • DCBDCB331 Posts: 0Member
    Looks to me like the bottom edge of the beard is a bit too rounded compared to the original. It should be sharper, like the edges on the bridge of the nose.
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    TALOS WIP 008

    Will post closer views once the finer surface detail has been done to the upper half of Talos ..... The arms also need to be sculpted and defined ... Keep in-mind that this update is in mid-transformation to the final look for his top half .... Just thought you'd like to see it progressing. The next update will show the top half done (Sculpting / fine detail) ....


    Thanks Chris !, ... Once you get the hang of ZBrush, you'll enjoy using it ...

    @ DCB:

    In WIP 007 I hadn't actually finished the underside of his beard, as my main focus was his Helmet & face, .... but you'll see in this update that what you mentioned is now sorted .... I'll be doing closer shots of the Head again once I've got the surface detail done for the upper half of him ...


    *EDIT* WIP 008 Updated - Post #53
  • ChrisGFXChrisGFX362 GermanyPosts: 607Member
  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    I think we'd all here agree, you'd be making Mr Harryhausen very proud. This is outstanding work.
  • alpha_omegaalpha_omega0 Posts: 0Member
    Wow! ... It's great to see you posting work again, Jas - and it is excellent... love the choice of subject matter as well! (although, I hope to see more 40K goodness before too long) :D

    Keep up the inspiring work, and have a good thanksgiving!!
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    TALOS WIP 007 - Head & Helmet Updated

    Worked on the Head & Helmet some more, .. closing in on a final sculpt for these parts ... Rendered without material colour to focus on the actual model at this stage, .. I found the material colour to be a distraction even though it was only temporary, ... and thought it best to keep the WIP renders neutral until sculpting is done ....

    Will be posting renders of his completed top half very soon, probably this weekend .... Has been much improved and refined, ... just finishing off the Arms atm ...


    Thanks mate !

    @ Pagrin:

    Thanks for the kind words mate, .. Will be giving it my best shot ...

    @ alpha_omega:

    Cheers mate ... 40K hasn't been forgotten ... Updates will appear in the new year ! ;)


    *EDIT* Updated TALOS Pics Post #90
  • ChrisGFXChrisGFX362 GermanyPosts: 607Member
    great work! looks very good
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Cheers Chris ! The head has been improved some more ...

    TALOS WIP 008

    Got back to Talos and been working on him these last few days, .. Getting close now to a final sculpt for his top half, bit more refining to do here and there, but this is the current stage of his build ... plus been experimenting with surface detail ... This is all geometry within ZBrush .... Material is still temporary at this stage ... Working on his Legs atm ...

    Don't think there will be another update before Christmas, so hope you guys have a good one, and all the best for the new year !! :thumb:


    *EDIT* Updated TALOS Pics - Post #90
  • Lizzy777Lizzy7771388 PNWPosts: 761Member
    Holy crap, that's a close approximation! A little more and it'll look almost exactly like the animation statuette.
    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks Lizzy ! , ...

    TALOS WIP 008 - Updated

    Did a few more improvements (pic below) ... Will work on it some more over Christmas, so should see some full length renders next ....


    *EDIT* Updated TALOS Pics - Post #90
  • ChrisGFXChrisGFX362 GermanyPosts: 607Member
    wow ... awesome
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior207 Posts: 815Member
    Fantastic as usual Jas.
  • WizWiz28 Posts: 0Member
    Outstanding! :)
  • Ronson2kRonson2k0 Posts: 0Member
    Talos was one of the hardest SF sequences to do for Harryhausen. Using stop motion to do the sequence he had to make Talos move like he was made of metal. So it couldn't be a smooth movement like other creatures but couldn't be to hurky jerky either as his supposed size would make that somewhat comical. So it required a keen eye to detail and most likely some kind of a sequencer even though it would be a paper version I should think as this was quite a bit before computers were available.

    He is a favorite of mine. The second time we see him as Herc and Hylas come out from below the statue and Talos turns his head to look at the thieves. It always gives me chills.

    Great work on the model and your Zbrush work is awesome. Looking forward to more.
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks very much guys ! :thumb:

    2011 starts off with one of Ray Harryhausen's most famous characters, .... MEDUSA ...

    Much like TALOS, modelling started off with a set piece (his Plinth), .... for Medusa, ... Her Lair, ... a lot more work involved, but I plan to animate her later ... so a detailed replica of the movie set is needed, ... plus really wanted to build this set, as it has a lot of interesting challenges ... Lighting, several sculpted stone victims littering the place, ... and capturing the atmosphere that the 1981 movie did so well ....

    The set will also involve flame simulation for the Sconces & Cauldrons using FumeFX ... tying all that together with photo based wall textures, and hand drawn Glyphs replicating the ones seen in the movie .... This digital set will hopefully give a warm welcome to the lady herself ... when she makes her entrance in all her terrifying glory ....

    @ Ronson2k:

    Yeah, .. Ray's Talos & Medusa are my favourites .... That's why I've chosen to do her next ...

    Pic below shows the initial start to the Lair, .... keep in-mind lighting is temporary, and will be matching the movie version much more closely when setting up the lights properly, since there are alot more variations in colour etc

    Jas Link To Full Size Pic
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior207 Posts: 815Member
    Medusa was such a great character. I know you will do her justice !
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