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Practical"The Big One"

gray_deathgray_death0 Posts: 0Member
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I am soon to begin work on a near life size GOL-4S Goliath Battlemech. My son picked the 'mech from a list of pictures. There will be a playhouse in the main body, and the cockpit will be mocked up like a real one. I intend to put in light and sound effects at some point. I am still looking for orthographics of the subject matter, so I can make up a set of structural plans. All the images of the GOL-4S Goliath listed below come from various online sources. NONE of them are mine. That being said I would like to thank the members of the Solaris7 Battletech Community for their continuing assistance. I will name names at a later date. Here are all the pics of the GOL-4S that I have found, and been directed too.
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  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    Sounds like you got a big project there.
    I will be following how you get on.
    What sort of matrials do you plan to use for the main sturcture?
  • gray_deathgray_death0 Posts: 0Member
    I plan on using a steel skeleton, and lumber for the main form. I will be applying a skin of sheet metal for the final details. I will be running standard 110 AC power to it for the light and sound effects. The controls for the light and sound effects will be in the cockpit.
  • FreakFreak1088 Posts: 4,361Member
    Sound like a plan.

    you doing all at home are getting the parts like the steel skeleton made in some metal shop then sent to your?
    Either way, where going want to see pic's of the build.
  • gray_deathgray_death0 Posts: 0Member
    I am doing it all here with a truck frame or 2 and a bunch of scrap steel I beams and the like.Right now, I am still gathering source material. I will post everything I find, all my plans, and pics of the WIP at every stage of construction. I will also be posting the information on where I get materials and/or help.
  • gray_deathgray_death0 Posts: 0Member
    My plans just got even more ambitious. It must walk within the next 12 years. That means that all the lumber is out because it will have to be able to take the pounding of walking without any damage. That means that the outer shell is going yo have to be at least 20 guage sheet steel. I'm going to have to scrounge up a bunch of industrial grade and size Hydraulic systems. And I will just build a second cockpit around the hydraulic system's controls to replace the light and sound fx cockpit once the hydraulics are installed. Imagine the look on his classmates' faces seeing him pilot that thing up to the high school. Nobody will screw with him.... ever. (insert maniacal laughter here) Especially if I find a way to weaponize the sucker. I know, Gausse rifles, autocannon, lasers, and PPCs are just not possible. Gatlin guns, Howitser cannon, 50 Cal Machine guns, Rocket pods, and flamethrowers are all real though. I just sat down and worked up a theory on how to make a quadruped mech walk. I will get it on paper, scan it, and post it here as soon as I have the time. I'm pretty sure that I can get someone to program a computer control system for the hydraulics. otherwise, it would be incredibly slow. Keith's will look exactly like the Lyran original, but the designs I offer to sell to the military will not. God, I love the feeling of sudden flashes of inspiration!
  • gray_deathgray_death0 Posts: 0Member
    i'm posting a full blog here---->
  • Tochiro76Tochiro760 Posts: 0Member

    Hey wasn't there some sort of mech called a ragnarok or magog or something like that with four legs? I never heard of the goliath but I am not exactly a mechwarrior/battletech buff.

    From a practical standpoint, the military doesn't need things like mechs or gundams or giant walking tanks for some very simple reasons...

    1 The logistics involved to move just one big ol mech from one side of the world to the other means that the mech would probably get there too late and not be able to do what it was made to do which is assault the front lines of the enemy and destroy their heavy targets. The upkeep and repair of such a thing would also be a huge problem.

    2 Cost waaaaay too much and also too complicated. Not to mention overpowered, we want to get rid of the enemy and thats it not anything or anyone else. If we used these things we might as well just drop a nuke it would be the same result.

    3 What if the base that we had these things stationed at was overrun while the pilots were off duty? What if they couldn't get to their mechs in time and the enemy captured the mechs? then the mechs would be used against us and reverse engineered etc.

    4 There is no vastly superior super power in the world to fight against aka alien invaders with superior tech and larger numbers. We all kinda have the same thing to use against each other and those things are bad enough as is. So the military has no need for giant over powered mechs that can wipe out a whole army in short order. Tanks and uav with troops and air force is good enough, also navy shelling the shores and launching cruise missiles. Our current military can strike anywhere anytime in some way or another and if we really had to, nukem in a matter of minutes.

    5. The only way any military would buy these things is if someone else had them already, also the only way to quickly deploy a mech is to drop from orbit either land a dropship full of them or orbital hot drop. Once the fight is over the logistics needed to remove them from the battlefield would still be bad though.
  • SkaroSkaro0 Posts: 0Member
    Nice, the Goliath is a pretty overlooked mech IMO.
    Tochiro76 wrote: »

    Hey wasn't there some sort of mech called a ragnarok or magog or something like that with four legs? I never heard of the goliath but I am not exactly a mechwarrior/battletech buff.

    There's only a few quad mechs, see them here:
  • gray_deathgray_death0 Posts: 0Member
    Lockheed-Martin already has the military contract. I am somewhat stalled at the moment due to financial issues and the difficulty of getting the materials I need to construct the thing. And Ragnarok class mechs were Bipeds and roughly humanoid. Magog was the name of the predatory aliens in "Andromeda." I will post more about this project as soon as I regain my forward momentum. The finished product is not lilkely to look like a GOL-4S in any way. I am planning a RC car sized prototype. I will get the bugs worked out there and market them as toys to finance the big ones, which will be sold to the civilian market.
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