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  • Lizzy777Lizzy7771119 PNWPosts: 721Member
    Looking good. Yeah, the D7 is an odd one to figure out for sure. There aren't that many straight lines on the ship, it's a lot of complex curves and things that make it a challenge. Also, I'm sure the new one has scant references compared to the one from the 60s.

    Oh, there are a lot of references I can draw from! There are the Eaglemoss models, Mark Bell's renders on his Artstation, the "D7 Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carrier" in Star Trek: Online, and videos from both Discovery and Strange New Worlds. And these are a lot more consistent than the set of model references I used when I built the Enterprise.

    The tricky part now will be in figuring out the basic shapes for the warp nacelles. There are a lot of little bits and pieces there. Including a monster disruptor cannon.
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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803835 Posts: 10,782Member
    I wasn't sure what was available for the new D7 because I haven't looked. I haven't even watched all of SNW season 1 yet.
  • Lizzy777Lizzy7771119 PNWPosts: 721Member
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    So, it's been a while, hasn't it? I started blocking out the nacelles, and instead of posting a few WIP shots with the basics all together, I ended up just detailing the entire section. After watching SNW s2e1 and seeing some interesting detail going on, I couldn't figure out just where the disruptors were supposed to be! Plus, there were some interesting differences between my reference images that I had to figure out which ones to use.

    So... I figured I'd add my own bits to fill out the design. With that said, here's the warp nacelle/big honkin' disruptor canon.

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    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803835 Posts: 10,782Member
    Those nacelles look great. I love the level of detail.
  • publiusrpubliusr502 Posts: 1,680Member
    Really great!
  • srspicersrspicer373 Posts: 319Member
    Looking good so far. The D7 design has a ton of potential. It has great angles that can be tweaked here and there and still retain he D7 look.
  • JayruJayru1037 UKPosts: 653Member
    Beautiful detail on those nacelles :-)
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  • Lizzy777Lizzy7771119 PNWPosts: 721Member
    More nacelle greebs and I've started on the wing.
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