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3DSecond Empire - A Dalek Tale

DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
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I am working on a 3D series called Second Empire a story about the Daleks from the science fiction show Doctor Who these Daleks are slightly different in terms of their look and the way they behave they have more personality and names it is based on a 3D comic done by a Chap called mechmaster you can view his work here

CG-Lair homepage

I am with the kind permission of mechmaster turning the comic into a 3D seriesi i dont not or have not claimed to make these models myself and they are used with his permission all i do is rigg them and animate them i occasionally chnage a model for animation purposes or build a new set for sequences that work in animation but not in still form equally there are scenes from the comic that dont work in animation form so far have produced episode 1 which can be seen on youtube here

YouTube - Second Empire Episode 1 Part 1

YouTube - Second Empire Episode 1 Part 2

I am not 100% happy with episode 1 as there are quite a few mistakes but im learning and episode 2 is already looking better, i have several other episodes in different states

Episode 2: 1st cut is done, Music done, about 60 shots out of 80 to render
Episode 3: 75% there no shots rendered though
Episode 4: 50% done all interior shots done no shots final
Epsiode 5: 25% done no shots final 1 shot rendered
Episode 6: rough cut dont all shots done, 13 shots final out of 100
Episode 7: 50% there not shots final no shots rendred

The comic is not finaihed yet so i am not sure how many epsidoe there will be ive story boarded about 15 epsiodes each is about 15 - 20 minutes each with a cliff hanger

when episodes 1 - 5 are done i go back and re do or as i like to call it George lucasing my work i will re do shots and make them better as by then i will have a new computer to speed up rendering, after that i will be releasing a DVD of episodes 1 - 5 only charging for postage as thats the only legal way to distribute a dvd containing Daleks

Any and all comments welcome ive attached some images ive taken from different episodes
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  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    Cool Project. I'll have to keep and eye on this one.
  • xanthraxanthra0 Posts: 0Member
    Need more! It's coming along nicely. Audio is a little what's the brit term? Wonky. Yeah that : ) Nicely done otherwise. Can't wait to see episode 2.
    One last question: What's with the pink Daleks in the screenshot?
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    The audio the one of the big things about episode one i hate but its been improved for episode 2 which should have a surround mix if i can figure out how to get the thing to work (there's a question about that in the general discussion section)

    The pink Daleks are the battle saucer crew ones who spend most if not all of their time in space the pink is just an interesting color schemes here are some more of the color scenes

    The other pink Dalek is the battle field management and accounting Dalek

    The orange is one of the space fortress Daleks

    The blue and gold are the Combat engineers

    The yellow and black are secuirty

    The green are the ground crew
  • fluxfirefluxfire181 Posts: 604Member
    Brilliant mate simply brilliant :D I do like the design of the scientist dalek. Always fun to see disention in the dalek ranks :D
  • xanthraxanthra0 Posts: 0Member
    Damn you! I just got sucked into reading all of MechMaster's Comic so far. Simply great. Lotsa funny stuff in there. I can't wait to see more from both of you : )

    PS. Pink Daleks! I just can't get past that.
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    The only trouble is with these awesome designs is when im designing stuff of my own it is so hard to resist just copying elements of mechmasters design
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    Ive released Part 1 of Episode 2
  • DalekHunterDalekHunter331 Posts: 9Member
    I forgot i posted this on here so i better update it

    Episode 2 part 2

    Episode 3

    Oh and i also did a short teaser

    I am looking for help with the series not just form voice actors but form animators as well anyone who uses Cinema 4D or Lightwave that is interested send me a message
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